Great Success from EU in TÜBİTAK Entrepreneurship Program

great success in euden tubitak entrepreneurship program
great success in euden tubitak entrepreneurship program

The results of the “1512 Entrepreneurship Support Program-BIGG” organized by TUBITAK to support entrepreneurs have been announced. The BiGG-Age Program, carried out by Ege University in the 2020-1 period, the most recent period in which initiatives supported by TÜBİTAK were announced, achieved 40 percent success in the unordered ranking made by considering the acceptance rates of supporting implementing organizations. BiGG-Ege, which is carried out in cooperation with EÜ EBİLTEM Technology Transfer Office under the management of EGE Technopark, was among the top 5 programs with this success. With the latest results, 5 of the 72 startup teams sent to TUBITAK by BIGG EGE in the last 44 years were supported, achieving a success of 55 percent.

Speaking about the benefits of the BIGG-EGE program for entrepreneurs, Ege University Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Budak, “With the cooperation of nüv EGE Incubation Center and EÜ EBİLTEM TTO under the management of EGE Technopark; Entrepreneurs continue to be provided with mentoring, business plan preparation, entrepreneurship camps, trainings and pre-incubation services through the BIGG-EGE program. The right to be supported within the scope of the TÜBİTAK 2018 Support Program for Capacity Building in the Fields of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, opened in 1601 kazanBiGG-Ege, which combines the experience and competencies of EGE Teknopark and EÜ EBİLTEM-TTO, which is the project manager, with experienced mentors and successful initiatives, offers the most developed entrepreneurship ecosystem of İzmir to the entrepreneurial teams. EGE Technopark continues to provide mentoring, business plan preparation, entrepreneurship camps, trainings and pre-incubation services to young entrepreneurs through the BIGG-EGE program.

BIGG 2021 first call was opened with a new entrepreneur definition

Providing information about the Entrepreneurship Support Program, EÜ EBİLTEM TTO Director Prof. Dr. Şenay Şanlıer said, “Supporting the activities from the idea stage to the market so that entrepreneurs can transform their technology and innovation-oriented business ideas into enterprises with high added value and the potential to create qualified employment, thus encouraging qualified entrepreneurship and providing innovative, high-tech products and services with international competitiveness. It is aimed to create start-up companies that can develop Entrepreneurs are given entrepreneurship training within the scope of the program, and entrepreneurs are provided with technical, commercial and administrative support with industry-experienced guides.

Speaking about the changes made in the program, Prof. Dr. Şanlıer said, “As of this year, the needs of the ecosystem and developments have been followed and the BiGG application conditions have been changed. With the change of Implementation Principles in 2021, the name of the Program was changed to 1512-Entrepreneurship Support Program (BiGG) and important changes were made in the definition of entrepreneur. Starting from the first call period of 2021, in order to reach a wider audience of entrepreneurs, associate and undergraduate students from open and formal universities were able to apply to BiGG and realize their technology-based business ideas. In addition, considering the success of the sector experience in entrepreneurship, the restriction to apply within a maximum of 10 years from the date of graduation has been removed. With the improvement in the application conditions, it is planned that many new technology-based ideas will be transformed into applications that contribute to the economy.

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