General Directorate of Security to Procure 1 Contracted Pilot

general Directorate of Security
general Directorate of Security

Within the framework of the Regulation on Staff and Contracted Personnel Working outside the Security Services Class in the Police Organization, within the scope of Article 657/B of the Civil Servants Law No. 4, according to the results of the oral and/or practical exam to be held by the Examination Commission, the title of Contracted Pilot (Article 657 of DMK/4-B) (1) Aircraft Pilot will be taken to the Head of the Department.

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All notifications and announcements to be made to the candidates, except for the appointment approvals, will be made on the ​​internet address, and no separate written notification will be sent to the candidates.

Applicants who do not meet the application requirements at all stages will be canceled.

The procedures will be recorded in the Computer System by the Provincial Security Personnel Branch Directorate, and a copy of the "Application Form" will be signed and given to the candidate. Candidates who are entitled to take the oral and/or practical exam must submit this "Application Form" they signed and The applicant has to bring the "Contracted Pilot Qualifications" form, which is available as a link, to the exam. If the candidates see a defect in the Application Form, they will have it corrected and re-signed by the personnel in charge. (The information in the application form will be taken as a basis for the actions to be taken and the candidate himself will be responsible for the false information declared.)

In case the contract of the contracted personnel is terminated by the institutions due to the violation of the principles of the service contract or the contract is terminated unilaterally within the contract period, the contracted personnel of the public institutions and organizations, unless one year has passed from the date of termination, cannot be re-employed in their positions.” Applications of those who fall within the scope of this provision will not be accepted.


Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. 657 Law No. Civil Servants 48 Article to meet the requirements,
  2. To carry the conditions specified in ANNEX-1 regarding the title to which he/she wishes to be appointed,
  3. Accepting to be employed across the country and to be assigned to all flights,
  4. To be successful in the oral and/or practical exam,
  5. Security investigation and archive research results to be positive. (It will be requested from the candidates who are successful in the oral/practical exam to be held and who are entitled to be appointed to the Police Service)



  • a) Identification document,
  • b) 2 passport photos taken in the last six months,
  • c) The original and photocopy or notarized copy of the diploma/graduation certificate pertaining to the educational status (in case the original of the diploma/graduation certificate is submitted, the photocopy will be returned after approval. Documents other than the diploma and graduation certificate will not be accepted.)
  • d) Piloting License certificate,
  • e) The form titled "Contracted Pilot Qualifications", available as a link on the website, (One copy of the form to be filled in 2 copies will be delivered to the applied unit and the other copy will remain with the candidate. Candidates who are eligible to take the oral and/or practical exam will bring it with them.)
  • f) Basic piloting certificates (PPL, CPL, IR, Teaching, Maintenance), Type rating documents and a medical report sample, Single engine twin engine flight hours and 1st piloting certificates, if any, flight totals for each type and last flight dates signed by the institution. Personal flight registration charts and all aviation-related personal documents (certificate, course certificate, etc. documents must be shown at the application sites, the oral and/or practice exam will be brought by the candidate. In addition, the winners will be asked to confirm the originals or the originals of these documents). They can apply in person to the Provincial Police Department Personnel Branch Directorate of the provinces they are located in.

Applications will be made between 26.07.2021 – 30.07.2021.



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