Four Freight Trains From China To Europe Depart Simultaneously

four freight trains from china to europe departed at the same time
four freight trains from china to europe departed at the same time

Four China-Europe railroad trains loaded with containers full of goods and products departed simultaneously from China's Guangdong and Hunan, heading for Central Asia and Europe last Thursday. The four trains, loaded with 200 containers of materials, will arrive in Germany, Russia and Belarus. According to Sinotrans, the trains are expected to reach their destinations in about two weeks.

The goods transported by the said freight trains include medical supplies, toys, electronic products, household goods/furniture and bicycle frame/roof to be used against the Kovid-19 outbreak. Since the first China-Europe freight train service started in March 2011, the transport service has reached more than 22 cities in 160 European countries.

Countries on the international freight train route accelerate the repair process of the post-pandemic period. kazanin an effort to climb. Therefore, these countries are showing an increasing interest in cooperation for the purpose of developing logistics chains.

Source: China International Radio

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