Fabric Penetration Measuring Device Developed by Egeli Academicians Obtained a Patent

Fabric plunge measuring device developed by senior academics received a patent
Fabric plunge measuring device developed by senior academics received a patent

Aegean academician Assoc. Dr. The "Fabric Plunge Measurement Device" developed by Gamze Süpüren Mengüç and her team, which measures the stinging force of the hairs on the surfaces of the fabrics that cause the stinging sensation by affecting the nerve endings in the skin, is entitled to obtain a patent. kazanwas. Ege University (EU) Textile and Apparel Research and Application Center (TEKAUM) Deputy Director and Emel Akın Vocational School faculty member Assoc. Dr. Developed by Gamze Süpüren Mengüç and her team, Prof. Developed and patented within the scope of the TÜBİTAK 1001 project, supported by Nilgün Özdil as its researcher, the "Fabric Twisting Measuring Device" was registered by obtaining a national patent application.

Ege University Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Budak, lecturer Assoc. Dr. He welcomed Süpüren Mengüç in his office and congratulated him. Rector Prof. Dr. Budak said, “Our university is an institution with a proven quality in both education and R&D activities. Since the day we took office, we started a research and innovation campaign at our university. According to the data of the Turkish Patent Report, we are the university with the highest patent registration rate. In line with the development move of our state, it is of great importance that the products developed by universities are transformed into patents and commercialized. As a result of our devoted work as the EU family, we have become the only higher education institution in Turkey to receive a 5-year full accreditation by YÖKAK. In such a great success, the registration of the patent applications of the projects in which our professors turn their scientific knowledge into products makes the quality of our university visible to us. I congratulate our professor and his team for their contributions to our university and for producing projects that will benefit the society with the device they have developed and wish them continued success.”

Stating that some fabrics cause a stinging sensation by affecting the nerve endings in human skin, Assoc. Dr. Gamze Süpüren Mengüç said, “Some fabric types can cause itching in people. Our device, which we developed in the face of this important problem, measures the stinging force created by the fibers on the fabric surface that cause the stinging feeling, with a very sensitive method. The overseas PCT application report for our device was also positive, and the country entry stage has been reached in the patent application.”

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