Directorate of Communications to Recruit 30 Assistant Communication Specialists

Head of Communications
Head of Communications

The Directorate of Communications will receive 20 Assistant Communication Specialists, with the deadline for application being August 2021, 30.

From the Presidential Communications Department:


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(1) The maximum number of positions that can be appointed with the title of Assistant Communication Specialist is thirty (30). Appointments of those who pass the entrance exam will be made to the 8th and 9th degree positions from the GİH class.

(2) All stages of the exam will be held in Ankara.

(3) Regulations not included in this announcement regarding the entrance exam are included in the “Communication Expertise Regulation” published in the Official Gazette dated 27/11/2018 and numbered 30608. It is possible to access the regulation on the official website of the Presidency (


(1) In order to apply for the exam;

a) To meet the general conditions listed in Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

b) Not to be 01 years of age as of 01/2021/35,

c) Having at least four years of undergraduate education;

  • Law, political sciences, economics and administrative sciences, business and economics faculties,
  • Communication faculties,
  • Undergraduate departments of engineering faculties and undergraduate departments of mathematics and statistics,
  • from the departments of psychology, anthropology, sociology, social anthropology, folklore, humanities and social sciences of interested faculties,

It is necessary to graduate from an education theory in the country or abroad whose equivalence is accepted by the Higher Education Council.

(2) All candidates who meet the application requirements will be invited to the "pre-qualifying written competition" exam.

(3) In the absence of sufficient applications from the relevant departments, recruitment may be made from other departments as well.

(4) The list of candidates who are eligible to take the exam will be announced on the official website of the Presidency (

(5) The announcement regarding the candidates who can take the exam will include information about the exam schedule, the addresses where the exam will take place, and other issues.

(6) KPSS condition is not required for application to the exam.


(1) Exam applications will be made on the Anadolu University Exam Services website ( between 09-20 August 2021.

(2) The exam application fee will be paid by credit/debit card at the last step of the application process. Exam application fee is 125 (one hundred and twenty five) TL.

(3) The applications of the candidates who do not complete the exam application steps or do not pay the exam fee despite applying for the exam will be deemed invalid and an "Exam Entrance Document" will not be issued for these candidates.

(4) During the application, a passport photo taken within the last 6 (six) months must be uploaded to the system, with the face uncovered, from the front, so that the candidate can be easily recognized. There should be no change in appearance features such as hair, mustache and make-up in the photograph, which is important in exam day identity verification. It should be taken into account that on the day of the exam, the officials may have difficulty in determining the identity of the candidate from the photograph, and therefore the candidate will not be taken to the exam/exam may be deemed invalid.

(5) Candidates with permanent/temporary disabilities or health problems, after completing their exam applications, will be provided with reader/marker support, separate exam hall, use of special tools/equipment etc. A certified copy of the health report they will receive from the university or state hospital (clearly stating the candidate's health status, special tools/equipment etc.) petitions must be delivered to the address specified on the form, within the exam application period. Documents that do not reach the specified address on time for any reason will not be considered. The candidates in question will be taken to the exam as deemed appropriate as a result of the evaluation made by the authorities.

(6) The candidate is responsible for the accuracy of the application information and the suitability of the photograph, and for any inaccuracies or deficiencies that may occur after the application is approved. After the application period has expired, the candidate will not be able to change the information (foreign language selection, etc.) declared during the exam application.

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