Children Will Relieve the Stress of Corona in Space

Space Camp Turkey
Space Camp Turkey

Space Camp Turkey will start summer camp programs for children aged 7-18, with different content and duration, on July 4th.

All preparations have been completed for the 6-day Galactic Summer Camps with Turkish and English alternatives, the 2-day Family-Child Space Camp, the Stars and Planets Adventure, the 1-day Astro-Adventure and the 3-day STEAM Space Camp offered without accommodation.

The camp programs, which include many activities from the virtual space flight mission to the use of NASA designed astronaut simulators, from sky observation with a telescope to hot air balloon making and launching, will continue with different program options until the end of August. Enrollment continues for the programs, which are aimed at contributing to the social environment where children have been away for a long time, and offer a limited number of quotas within the scope of the measures.

Space Camp Turkey's summer camp, which offers an important opportunity for children to get rid of the sedentary and loneliness psychology brought by the pandemic period, and to get rid of the stress created by the epidemic, attracts great attention from within the country and abroad. While quotas for some program dates are already full, participants from Bulgaria, Iran, Israel and Romania are expected to come to the camp to be held throughout the summer.



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