An 87 percent increase in the export of environmentally friendly transportation vehicles, bicycles

% increase in the export of environmentally friendly transportation vehicle bicycles
% increase in the export of environmentally friendly transportation vehicle bicycles

The eco-friendly transportation vehicle, the bicycle, is pedaling to a record in exports. The necessity of living in a greener world increases the demand for the environmentally friendly transportation vehicle, the bicycle. The trend towards cycling around the world also reflects positively on Turkey's bicycle export figures. In the first half of 2021, Turkey increased its bicycle exports to 87 million dollars with an increase of 70 percent.

While Turkey's bicycle exports were 2017 million dollars in 30, it increased continuously in the following years and reached 2020 million dollars at the end of 92.

The Turkish bicycle industry, which received great demand especially from European countries, achieved an 2021 percent increase in exports in the January-June period of 87. Turkey's bicycle exports, which were 2020 million dollars in the January-June period of 37,2, reached 2021 million dollars in the first half of 70. The sector aims to export 2021 million dollars by the end of 150.

Aegean Region realizes 70% of bicycle exports

Aegean Exporters' Unions Coordinator President Jak Eskinazi said, “The world that wants to reduce carbon emissions is turning to bicycle use”, that after the pandemic, bicycles are no longer used for hobby purposes, that a bicycle culture is formed especially in developed societies, that it is considered as a means of transportation, that 70% of Turkey's bicycle exports are in the Aegean Region. He shared the information that it was made from.

Pointing out that Manisa is Turkey's leader in bicycle exports of 2021 million dollars in the first half of 40,5, Eskinazi said, “Izmir; With 8,2 million dollars of bicycle exports, it ranked third after Manisa and Istanbul. We believe that bicycle exports from our region will increase as the demand for bicycles increases. At the end of 2021, 150 million dollars in Turkey and from the Aegean Region; We aim to export bicycles over 100 million dollars.”

Eskinazi, who shares his belief that with the suitability of Turkey's nature and the provision of the necessary tracks, will provide an important source of foreign currency with bicycle tourism in the coming period, said that Izmir was the first city from Turkey to join the European Cycling Route Network (EuroVelo), and that with the expansion of this network, bicycle tourism will increase. He added that it will increase.

While Turkey exported bicycles to 2021 countries in 92, Germany ranked first with a demand of 10,2 million dollars. Finland; It became the summit partner with 9,8 million dollars of bicycle exports. Turkey exported 9,3 million dollars of bicycles to France and 8,7 million dollars to the Netherlands. Italy ranked fifth in bicycle exports with 8 million dollars.

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