Insurance with Special Advantages for Volvo Owners from AXA Insurance

contracted branded motor insurance for volvo owners from axa insurance
contracted branded motor insurance for volvo owners from axa insurance

AXA Insurance, in addition to the extensive possibilities of Brand Insurance, with the Volvo Car Insurance product, which it has implemented within the scope of Volvo cooperation, gives Volvo vehicle owners a commitment to repair at Volvo authorized services at brand standards.

AXA Sigorta has added a new one to its comprehensive and advantageous brand insurance agreements it offers to the leading brands operating in the automobile industry. AXA Insurance offers Volvo brand car owners different advantages in addition to the maximum Motor Insurance product launched in April. With Volvo Car Insurance, which is offered under a special agreement with the Volvo brand and can be used by vehicles up to 10 years old, AXA Insured customers are provided with the opportunity to repair according to brand standards at Volvo Authorized Services. With the cooperation realized, Volvo Car Insurance owners benefit from all the advantages of Maximum Car Insurance and secure their vehicles with comprehensive guarantees.

Broad Coverage to Volvo Owners

Within the scope of the Volvo Car Car Insurance policy, which is one of the most comprehensive insurance products in the industry; In addition to the indemnity of the insured for damages caused by accident, theft, fire, glass breakage, natural disasters and damages caused by animals to the vehicle are also covered. Additional key loss coverage is among the services offered to the insured, once the Brand Car Insurance policy is purchased with AXA assurance. Minor damage to the vehicle can be included in the policy with a minor repair additional limit. When the vehicle is damaged, assistance services such as compensation for travel and compulsory accommodation expenses, especially replacement vehicle service, can be applied. In addition, as soon as Volvo Car Car Insurance is covered, the insured start to benefit from 7/24 Assistance Services.

Firuzan İşcan, AXA Sigorta Sales and Marketing President and Member of the Executive Board, said, “As AXA Sigorta, we develop new products in line with the needs of different sectors and offer advantages to our policyholders with special products every period. By making an agreement with the Volvo brand, we started to offer advantages to Volvo owners with our branded automobile insurance product. As a company with a strong distribution channel, we believe that we will make many contributions to the insurance of vehicles with full assurance.”

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