Ankara Castle Intense Interest in Kale Art Festival

ankara castle high interest in the castle art festival
ankara castle high interest in the castle art festival

Capital residents showed great interest in the "Castle Art Festival", which was organized to support the tradesmen of Ankara Castle, who had a difficult time during the pandemic period. Art moved to the streets of the castle thanks to the festival that brought together artists and citizens with tradesmen. In the festival organized with the contributions of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Ankara Governorship Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, Altındağ Municipality, Ankara City Council Castle Assembly and Culture and Art Working Group, many activities, from the Janissary performance to the art workshops of the painters, were eye-catching.

Metropolitan Municipality and Ankara City Council Castle Assembly and Culture and Art Working Group, in cooperation with Ankara Governorship Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate and Altındağ Municipality, organized an art festival in the Capital after a long time.

The festival, which was organized to support the tradesmen of Ankara Castle, who had a difficult time during the pandemic process with the start of the normalization process, brought together the people of the Capital and many artists.


To the "Castle Art Festival", to which the citizens of the capital showed great interest; Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Özgül Özkan Yavuz, Altındağ Mayor Asım Balcı, ATO President Gürsel Baran, Ankara City Council President Halil İbrahim Yılmaz, Ankara City Council Castle Council SözcüŞevket Bülend Yahnici, Ankara City Council Cycling Council, Ankara City Council Disabled Council and Ankara City Council Culture and Art Working Group members also attended.

The festival, which revived the Ankara Castle after a long break, included many activities, from concerts to exhibitions, from mehteran performances to folk dances.


Stating that the people of the capital miss meeting with art and artists, Ankara City Council Executive Board Chairman Halil İbrahim Yılmaz stated that they are working to make Ankara the capital of art as well, and said:

“For the festival held in Ankara Castle, which is the heart of Ankara, our Castle Council has planned events in more than one area. In this process, when we started to get rid of the pandemic, our artists in Ankara could not put forward an event for 2 years. We invite all Ankara residents to these events from now on.”

Ankara City Council Ankara Castle Council SözcüŞevket Bülend Yahnici pointed out that the festival brought together all segments of society and said, “Artists of painting, sculpture, ceramics and marbling gave live performances in Ankara Castle. We brought together musicians, folklore groups, mehteran team and artists. People got bored with the pandemic period, our shopkeepers were unable to do business, we organized this event to eliminate them.”


Artists and citizens who participated in the festival held in Ankara Castle in order to be with the tradesmen who had a hard time during the pandemic period and had pleasant moments expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

Orhan Sengönül: “I just moved to Ankara. I saw that an art festival was going to be held in Ankara Castle and came to watch it. We had a pleasant time as a family.”

Rüya Atalay (Ankara Metropolitan Municipality FOMGET Folk Dance Ensemble Dancer): “It's a good event. People had a good and fun time.”

Mine Bukcuoglu: “We were so bored during the pandemic period, we couldn't leave our house. We came to watch the event held here. It was nice and enjoyable.”

Ilkay Yuksel (Painter): “I think the Castle Art Festival was very good. During the pandemic period, both our tradesmen and our citizens were not active. Thanks to this event, people started to feel that they were returning to their old lives.”

Sebnem Selcuk: “We missed meeting people and promoting our art. We are also very happy to take part in the Art Festival.”

Nevzat Ozbay: “In our country, the necessary attention is not given to art. Local governments and the Ministry of Culture should support the arts. The Metropolitan Municipality realized one of these today.”

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