Adapazarı Train Timetables Reorganized

adapazari train timetable has been rearranged

TCDD management made a new update on the number and schedule of the Ada Train, which runs on the Adapazarı-Pendik line, with the July 1 normalization circular. The Adapazarı train schedule, which is still on the agenda with its inactive train stations and the low number of voyages, is below.

Mithatpaşa Pendik Train Timetable

Station trains Station
12601 12603 12605 12607 12609
Mithatpaşa PM05:55 x PM13:10 x PM18:55 Mithatpaşa
Arifiye PM06:04 x PM13:19 x PM19:04 Arifiye
Sapanca PM06:11 x PM13:26 x PM19:11 Sapanca
Izmit YHT PM06:34 x PM13:49 x PM19:34 Izmit YHT
Derince YHT PM06:40 x PM13:55 x PM19:40 Derince YHT
Yarimca YHT PM06:48 x PM14:03 x PM19:48 Yarimca YHT
Hereke YHT PM06:55 x PM14:10 x PM19:55 Hereke YHT
Gebze PM07:11 x PM14:26 x PM20:11 Gebze
Istanbul (Pendik) PM07:30 x PM14:45 x PM20:30 Istanbul (Pendik)

Pendik Mithatpaşa Train Timetable

Station trains Station
12602 12604 12606 12608 12610
Istanbul (Pendik) PM08:09 x PM16:40 x PM21:20 Istanbul (Pendik)
Gebze PM08:34 x PM17:03 x PM21:47 Gebze
Hereke YHT PM08:50 x PM17:19 x PM22:03 Hereke YHT
Yarimca YHT PM08:57 x PM17:26 x PM22:10 Yarimca YHT
Derince YHT PM09:05 x PM17:34 x PM22:18 Derince YHT
Izmit YHT PM09:12 x PM17:41 x PM22:25 Izmit YHT
Sapanca PM09:33 x PM18:02 x PM22:46 Sapanca
Arifiye PM09:40 x PM18:09 x PM22:53 Arifiye
Mithatpaşa PM09:49 x PM18:18 x PM23:02 Mithatpaşa

Citizens demand that the closed Adapazarı, Derbent, Köseköy, Tütünçiftlik, Kuruçeşme, Kırkikievler and Tavşancıl train stations be opened as soon as possible, 2010 departures a day as in 24, and the route to be extended to Haydarpaşa Station.

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