Adapazarı Station Should Be Opened Again

adapazari gari should be put into service again

A press statement was made by the board of directors of Kocaeli Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers of TMMOB regarding the re-activation of Adapazarı Station for public transportation, which is a public service. Although Adapazarı Train Expeditions started after the pandemic, Adapazarı Station was taken out of service. Adapazarı Train Station, which was put into operation before the Local Election, is still out of service.

Additional Cost for Passengers and Additional Load for Traffic

The reason for leaving the station out of service is that the train enters the city.

traffic reasons. However, those who showed this reason put Adaray into service with ceremonies, replaced personnel for the activation of Adaray, and spent dozens of items from signage to building a sales counter.

The main traffic load is formed by the citizens who have to travel with a second vehicle between Mithatpaşa-Adapazarı center and the citizen has to pay an additional travel fee.

Why Adapazari Train HalkalıDoesn't Go Until?

With a daily voyage of 24 and a hundred percent occupancy rate,

In the pandemic conditions of the Adapazarı Train, which provides service, the number of trips has been reduced to 10 and the number of trips has not been increased despite the normalization steps. By increasing the number of voyages, at least 12 voyages Halkalı It should be extended to the Train Station.

Why Was the Number of Wagons Decreased?

before 7

Adapazarı train, which provides service with wagons, provides service with only 4 wagons. It is a huge investment error that the number of wagons cannot be increased again due to the fact that the stop lengths of the line, which was completely disabled for 5 years, are not sufficient after 5 years.

When will Haydarpaşa Train Station be opened?

The Adapazarı Train route, which served between Haydarpaşa and Adapazarı until 2011, was shortened in the direction of Istanbul, with Pendik being the last stop.

No announcement has been made yet about when Haydarpaşa Train Station, which has been closed for 9 years on the grounds of archaeological excavations, will be put into operation.

Since the Haydarpaşa Port Railway connection is also disabled, the transportation service from this port can only be done with rubber-tyred vehicles. The existing railway line should be made operational.

Number of Passengers Decreased, Commercial Life Negatively Affected

The tradesmen who carry out commercial activities around the Train Stations are also adversely affected by the restriction of the Adapazarı Train's activities.

It's Enough As Before

With Train Stations, voyages and wagon numbers being put into operation as they were 10 years ago, both transportation will be facilitated and commercial life will come to life. For this reason, the closed Derbent, Köseköy, Kırkikievler, Kuruçeşme, Tütünçiftlik and Tavşancıl train stations should also be put into service.

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