60 Percent Increase in Uzbekistan Free Pass Certificate Quota

Uzbekistan free pass quota increased by percentage
Uzbekistan free pass quota increased by percentage

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure announced that the quota for Uzbekistan's free pass has reached 10 thousand with an increase of 60 percent from 16 thousand. The Ministry stated that with this increase, savings of 400 dollars per trip and 2.4 million dollars in total were provided to the international road transport sector in transports to Uzbekistan.

Turkey-Uzbekistan Joint Land Transport Commission (KUKK) Meeting was held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on 30 June-1 July 2021. At the meeting, the total pass document quota was increased from 37 thousand to 38 thousand. Noting that most of the shipments to Central Asia are made to Uzbekistan, the Ministry stated that the carriers pay 400 dollars per document; He stated that they increased the number of free documents from 10 thousand to 16 thousand.

It will be the first electronic pass document project in the world

During the meeting, Turkish and Uzbek technical delegations came together and negotiated the transfer of transition documents to electronic environment; A roadmap for the work to be done was determined. Stating that this project, initiated by Turkey and Uzbekistan, is the first electronic pass document project in the world in the field of international road transport, the Ministry stated that it is planned to start the tests at the end of summer. The Ministry also stated that together with the electronic pass document, it will be possible for the transporters to access their pass documents much more quickly and safely; He also stated that the costs of documents such as printing and shipping will come to an end.

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