There is no vaccine for losing the producer!

There is no way to lose mustahsili
There is no way to lose mustahsili

Agricultural and Animal Product Brand Consultant Pakize Melek Bulut mentioned that consuming manufactured products will contribute to both healthy nutrition and small family businesses and called for support to the producer.

Agricultural and Animal Product Brand Consultant Pakize Melek Bulut called for support to small producers in order to reach healthy products more frequently and to ensure the continuity of production. Bulut, who has provided consultancy services to many different small producers in Anatolia for years and created the Kahvealtı Gurme brand, where manufactured products are sold in order to support the small producer and bring valuable products to the consumer. can never win. It is no longer a profitable production activity to produce only raw materials for cattle and small cattle breeders and for our farmers who plant their barley and wheat. That's why we want to introduce the second meaning of the producer and bring the manufactured products obtained by the farmers by turning the raw material they produce into products, with the consumers," he said.


Emphasizing that the small producer will earn more and thus produce more, Bulut said, “This support is very important not only for the producers but also for the consumers. There are many small producers in our country. These small producers raise sheep and goats, sow their own corn and wheat, and then produce a product from the raw material they produce under their own hygienic conditions. It is very important that these additive-free natural products meet the consumer. At this point, we will both contribute more to the small producer at this point and help the consumer to eat healthier.”


Referring to the fact that manufactured products are both healthy and delicious, Bulut said: “Since the products produced by the small producer do not enter the industry, there are no additives in the products. We will buy the product produced by the farmer for the house of the animal breeder and put it on our table. This is a blessing in terms of both health and taste, and these days, unfortunately, we will never be able to reach these products unless we support a luxury and small producer.”

Günceleme: 23/07/2021 12:56

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