Healing the Wounds of the Flood Disaster in Rize

The wounds of the flood disaster in Rize are being healed
The wounds of the flood disaster in Rize are being healed

Minister Karaismailoğlu, who wished the villages of Muradiye, Güneysu, Madenli and Büyük after the flood disaster in Rize to get well soon and wished God's mercy on the citizens who lost their lives, gave the following statements to the press: "From the first moments of the disaster, we moved to the region with our other minister friends. . There is an extraordinary situation. Our state and government are here with all their means, we will restore this place as soon as possible.”

“Problems in communication are solved with mobile base stations”

Minister Karaismailoğlu stated that they started the works to eliminate the destruction caused by the flood and to carry out the cleaning and that they would remove the traces of the disaster very quickly, "We had roads that were closed at first, and we opened them urgently. At the moment, there is no problem in terms of transportation. We only have a few villages left, which we could not reach, hopefully we will finish them by morning. There is no problem in terms of transportation. We also had some difficulties in terms of communication and communication, but we overcame this problem thanks to mobile base stations.”

“We do not have any roads closed to traffic in terms of main roads”

“We have damaged roads in terms of main roads, but we do not have any roads that are closed to transportation. There are problems on our country roads. Our friends, all the teams here are working hard with their equipment. I hope we will open all our village roads soon; There will be no place we cannot reach. We are working hard with all our friends to remove the traces of this disaster as soon as possible.”

On the other hand, teams from surrounding provinces and Rize continue the cleaning work in the district center since late at night. The dead bodies of 3 more people who were reported missing due to floods and landslides due to heavy rain in Rize were found, and the number of dead rose to 5.

Minister Karaismailoğlu examined the houses affected by the flood in the village of Ballidere, Rize, and then attended the funeral prayer of the citizen who lost his life in the Güneysu Asmalı river.

Stating that it is possible to compensate for everything except the loss of life, Karaismailoğlu ended his words as follows:

“We are most saddened by the loss of life. There is a great effort and effort here to remove the traces of the disaster as soon as possible. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that such disasters do not cause such damage again.”

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