The Ranking Teams in the Talent Gate Akkuyu NGS Project Competition have been Announced

The teams that ranked high in the talent gate akkuyu ngs project competition have been announced
The teams that ranked high in the talent gate akkuyu ngs project competition have been announced

Presidency of Human Resources Office, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and Akkuyu Nuclear A.Ş. The teams that ranked in the "Talent Gate Akkuyu NGS Project Competition", which was realized in cooperation with the project, have been determined. Presidential Human Resources Office Talent Program in the final program of the competition held at the Presidential National Library. KazanNeşe Gülmez, Head of Operation and Organization Department and Akkuyu Nuclear A.Ş. Mert Güneş, Head of Corporate Relations Department, also attended.

Bringing young talents together with Turkey's important projects and inspiring experiences kazanTRT Announcer Sezen Yüce was the moderator of the final ceremony of the competition. Official Twitter of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and Youtube The competition, which was broadcast live on the digital platform as well as on the digital platform, was watched by approximately 1 million 100 thousand people.

Among the 56 projects in the competition, 6 teams formed by young people from Ankara University, Mersin University, Adana Alparslan Türkeş Science and Technology University, Selçuk University, Konya Technical University, Ege University, Sinop University, Yalova University and Middle East Technical University (Cyprus Campus) reached the finals. left. Teams of talented young people studying at different universities in Turkey competed for the ranking by presenting their innovative projects in the field of nuclear energy before the jury.

Presidential Human Resources Office Advisor Semih Süslü, Head of Nuclear Energy Project Development Department of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Tuğrul Çağrı Cinkara, Istanbul Technical University Energy Institute Deputy Director Dr. Senem Şentürk Lüle, Hacettepe University Nuclear Energy Engineering Department Lecturer Dr. Gürdal Gökeri and Akkuyu Nuclear A.Ş Corporate Relations Department Head Mert Güneş.

Speaking before the presentations, member of the jury Tuğrul Cinkara stated that the competition, in which 6 months of intense work was spent, was very competitive and said: “Nuclear energy is our 60-year dream and we are now closer to this goal than ever before. We are making efforts to put Akkuyu NPP into operation in 2023 and to realize this goal. Our teams that are here right now were selected from more than 50 teams and all of them are firsts for us.”

Dr. Senem Şentürk Lüle congratulated all the teams, reminding that the students went through very important stages in order to reach the finals. Dr. Gürdal Gökeri said, “I congratulate all the students for being able to create their projects in this limited time. I hope some of these projects can be implemented in the future.”

Mert Güneş, Head of Institutional Relations Department, who is on the jury representing Akkuyu Nuclear A.Ş, stated that the competition is a very encouraging event for researchers who are interested in nuclear energy, and said, “The realization of the Akkuyu NPP Project will result in scientific research in the field of nuclear energy in Turkey. I believe it will be a touchstone for you. Therefore, I would like to thank the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and our company Akkuyu Nuclear A.Ş., which organized this event. I also congratulate all the competitors for their hard work.”

In the evaluation made by the jury, Atomsec Project Group was awarded the first place in the "Talent Gate Akkuyu NPP Project Competition" with the project "Creating Disaster Susceptibility and Risk Maps for the Radiation Emergency Action Plan for Akkuyu NPP with Multiple Decision Support Systems and Artificial Learning". Presidential Human Resources Office Advisor Semih Süslü presented the award to the team that won the first place with 73 points. A nuclear power plant trip and seminar award to Russia within the framework of Covid-19 measures kazanCongratulating the Atomsec Project Group for its success, Süslü said, “These kinds of projects are very important for our youth. I would also like to thank the 56 teams that participated in the competition. Hopefully, our team, who came first, will gain valuable and useful information during their trip to Russia.”

The National Chemistry Power Group won 71 points from the members of the jury with their project titled "Designing a Permeable Reactive Barrier System (GRB) with Natural Materials for Ensuring Nuclear Safety". Internship right at the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources kazanThe team members presented their awards to Ege University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. He took it from Mehmet Ersan's hand. Congratulating the students for their success, Ersan said, “We are happy that we have young people working for the future of Turkey and producing solutions. The word that young people are the future of this country is once again meaningful today. kazanwas,” he said.

Third, technical trip award at Akkuyu NPP kazanThe second team was NEMARG group with 66 points. Giving the award to the team that won the prize with their "Tulpar Spacecraft" projects, Sinop University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Cem Cüneyt Ersanlı congratulated the competitors and wished them continued success.

The closing speech of the ceremony was given by the Presidential Human Resources Office. KazanNeşe Gülmez, Head of Organization and Organization Department. Gülmez congratulated all the teams participating in the competition and said: “I congratulate each of our students for their courage and the projects they have prepared. We Talent KazanWe are developing many projects as the Department of Public Works and Organization, but this is the first time we have organized such a project competition and we started this business with Akkuyu NGS. In this context, I would like to thank both Akkuyu and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. As a team, we watched the competition with great excitement, holding our breath. There are winners here, but I see 6 successful teams and I congratulate each and every one of them.”

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