Jackpot of 45 Million TL from Super Lotto KazanThe Winner Received His Check

million TL jackpot from super lotto kazanthe lucky one received his check
million TL jackpot from super lotto kazanthe lucky one received his check

In the Super Lotto lottery, organized by Sisal Şans on Tuesday, July 6, a jackpot of 45 million 177 thousand 773 TL, the highest amount awarded in the history of the National Lottery. kazanThe lucky winner received his check. Bonus with the coupon that hits the numbers 21, 22, 28, 47, 48, 54 kazancheck for the lucky winner who does not want to give the name of the moment; bank official and Sisal Chance official.

jackpot kazanMaking a statement after the delivery of the check to the lucky winner, who did not want to be named, Sisal Şans official said, "As the Sisal Şans family, we won the grand prize, which is the highest amount ever given in the 82-year National Lottery history. kazanWe are happy to climb. jackpot kazanWhile congratulating our lucky winner, we are very happy to make our lucky dreams come true and to be everyone's chance.”

All raffles are streamed live!

With the technical infrastructure created using the latest technology, the drawings that Şisal Şans held in the presence of a notary continue to be broadcast live. Being a member of the World Lottery Association (WLA), the institution gives the highest priority to transparency.

Our sweepstakes, held in the presence of a notary public at the lottery studio called CHANCE CENTER, which was established with the latest technology new lottery machines produced by the World Lottery Union Member Company, can be found on millipiyangoonline.com and on Milli Piyango TV. Youtube broadcast live on the channel.

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