Interest in Nose Aesthetics Has Not Decreased During the Pandemic! How to Decide on Nose Shape?

The interest in rhinoplasty did not decrease during the pandemic.
The interest in rhinoplasty did not decrease during the pandemic.

Pointing out that the interest in aesthetics and applications in the nose has not decreased during the pandemic process, VM Medical Park Ankara Hospital Ear Nose and Throat Specialist Op. Dr. Hüseyin Samet Koca said, “We observe that in this challenging period, importance is given to our aesthetic appearance as much as the importance we give to our physical health. Thus, in a way, we also feed our mental health.”

Kiss. Dr. Hüseyin Samet Koca gave information about the issues that patients were curious about about rhinoplasty. Saying that every person over the age of 18 can have rhinoplasty, Op. Dr. Koca touched upon the points that should be considered in order for the operation to be successful. Stating that rhinoplasty is among the most frequently performed surgical operations during the pandemic period, Op. Dr. Koca emphasized that rhinoplasty should be done in proportion to the face shape of the person.

The shape of the nose should be corrected specifically for the patient.

Expressing that the nose determines the characteristics of the face together with the eyes, Op. Dr. Hüseyin Samet Koca said, “While an arched nose and a low nose tip make the person look more tired and old, a nose with a high nasal root gives a more nervous appearance. A crooked nose can cause a loss of self-confidence. Rhinoplasty aims to correct the shape of the nose in a patient-specific way. Removing the excess on the ridge of the nose, raising or lowering the tip of the nose, reducing or widening the nostrils, narrowing the wide nasal base are some of the most common procedures in rhinoplasty. At this point, the important thing is to reveal the potential that exists at the intersection of the person's wishes and surgical possibilities. Determining the expectations from the operation in a reasonable way and choosing physicians with high experience, knowledge and experience are factors that affect success and satisfaction.

The focal point of facial symmetry is the nose

Underlining that our nose is located in the center of facial symmetry, Op. Dr. Hüseyin Samet Koca stated that for this reason, a defect in the nose can be more difficult to ignore compared to other possible defects on the face. Kiss. Dr. Koca said, “When applying mascara to your eyes or applying headlights in front of the mirror, we act by observing symmetry. While applying lipstick on your lips, we take care not to overflow. You can straighten, thin and lift your eyebrows. This way you can give direction to symmetry. So what if there is a problem with your nose, where you can't even make up? Maybe you can give a thin look with the effect of light. However, if your nose is not in the midline (if it is not symmetrical), all your efforts may be in vain without a good aesthetic operation.

How should the nose shape be decided?

Kiss. Dr. Hüseyin Samet Koca explained the points to be considered about nose surgery as follows: “You will have to trust your doctor and entrust your nose for a nose that is compatible with your face. Here, the job falls to your doctor. You should consult a physician who will understand your wishes, analyze your face, make harmonious recommendations, and most importantly, explain the limits of the procedure to you in a realistic way. Because not every nose can turn into the desired nose. Unfortunately, not all nose types suit every face. Aesthetics comes into play here. Evaluating the skin, tip, cartilage and bone structure of the nose, and most importantly, protecting the sense organ that we breathe and smell while doing all these are the subjects we primarily deal with. Then, according to the patient's suggestions and the pictures he shows, the nose shapes will be collected and a unique appearance will be created.”

Trust is important

Stating that there may be changes of opinion and suggestions from your environment until the day of surgery, Op. Dr. Koca said, “In the third stage, we will create the final collage and present you the image that we decided to have on your face after complete recovery, not after surgery. The last stage is the surgery stage, and since things will go one-sided here, trust will be our biggest pillar. And the source of this trust is to pay attention to the issues we have explained to you before the surgery.”

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