Sunflower Cycling Valley to Host UCI MTB Cup Races

Sunflower Bicycle Valley will host the mtb cup races

Sunflower Cycling Valley, which has become the center of cycling, will host the UCI MTB Cup Races on 30 July and 1 August. President Yüce said, "We will experience the excitement of a great organization together in our city, and I invite our citizens to be a part of this excitement." The world will closely follow the competitions in which many star athletes will compete in the international arena.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality "Bike City"

With its slogan, it continues to host giant organizations in this field that are closely followed by the world. Two important race organizations will be held at the weekend in the Sunflower Cycling Valley, which has become one of the important centers of cycling.

The world will follow closely

The first of these, the International Cycling Union (UCI) Sakarya MTB Cup – HC(XCO) Race, will be held on Friday, July 30, and the other will be the UCI MTB Marathon Series.

The SR races will be held on Sunday, August 1st. Two organizations will be organized by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club. The world will closely follow the organization, in which athletes who have achieved great success in the international arena will compete fiercely.

“As Sakarya people, let's experience this excitement together”

Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce invited the people of Sakarya to experience the excitement of the race together and said, “We will experience the excitement of a great organization together in our city. We have hosted the Mountain Bike Marathon World Championship and many important races before. Recently, the heart of cycling has beat in Sunflower Cycling Valley. As Metropolitan, we tried to host many important competitions in the best way possible. Now we have an important organization like the UCI MTB Marathon Series in front of us. Two competitions will be held this week, in which the eyes of the world will again turn to Sakarya. I invite bicycle lovers and all our citizens from Sakarya to share our excitement. It will be a happy hosting for us, I would like to thank everyone who contributed.”

UCI Sakarya MTB Cup races will start at 30:11.00 on Friday, July 1, and UCI MTB Cup Marathon Series races will start at 09.00:XNUMX on Sunday, August XNUMXst.

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