Sivas Industrial School Museum Opened

Sivas Industrial School Museum was opened
Sivas Industrial School Museum was opened

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank inaugurated the "Sivas Industry School Museum", which was converted from a prison to a museum by the Central Anatolian Development Agency (ORAN) and Sivas Governor's Office within the scope of the Attraction Centers Support Programme.

Minister Varank, in his speech at the ceremony, said that together with the museum, they aim to increase the tourism revenues of Sivas even more. Stating that the building, which was an Industrial School in the past, was later used as a prison, Varank said, “We are transforming this building into a living museum by restoring it in the most appropriate way to its natural and original architecture. In the museum, the cultural heritage of Sivas and the application workshops that will show the traditional handicrafts will also be seen by our visitors. In this way, the building will continue to be kept alive in accordance with the spirit of the 'Hamidiye Industry School', which was its original purpose. We transferred a budget from the Attraction Centers Support Program here.” said.


Reminding that the Ministry of Industry and Technology has become the patron of regional development with the Presidential Government System, Varank said, “We aim to create a balanced and fully developed Turkey by activating the potential of our cities with regional development projects. In order to achieve this goal, we evaluate our provinces with a holistic perspective and focus on the areas that will have the most economic impact.” used the phrases.


Varank stated that they carry out planning and analysis studies in each province through development agencies and regional development administrations to determine the potential of the provinces, and stated that they implemented support programs for the areas that emerged as a result of the analysis.


Noting that Sivas has a great potential, Varank stated that they have implemented many projects that will increase the welfare of the people of Sivas by activating this potential. In this context, Varank referred to the Sivas Castle Project and said, “We carried out restoration work in the project that we started with an investment of 10 million lira. With the project, we aim to combine other cultural heritage sites such as the Gök Madrasa, the Ulu Mosque and the Buruciye and Şifahiye madrasas located in the protected area. Thus, we will have created a comprehensive tourism area that integrates with the city square.” said.


Stating that he wanted to visit the project whose first phase was completed, Varank emphasized that they would fulfill the demands for the second phase of the project. Varank also gave information about the Republic Technology Development Zone, which they brought to the city, and stated that they provided nearly 30 million liras of support to the project, and that the sales of 62 companies operating here reached 115 million liras.


Noting that they will also establish "Deneyap Technology Workshops" in Sivas, Varank invited families to apply for these workshops for their children.

Pointing out that the İŞGEM Project, which they brought to Sivas with a resource of 7 million Euros, attracted great attention, Varank said that the center reached a 95 percent occupancy rate.


Stating that these projects that will revive the economy of the region are not enough for Sivas, Varank said, “We are making a great effort under the leadership of our President to bring even more to this beautiful city. In the coming period, we will continue to support innovative investments that will provide production and employment in Sivas.” he said.

At the opening ceremony, Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan, AK Party Sivas Deputy Mehmet Habib Soluk, Sivas Mayor Hilmi Bilgin and the Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Kadir Algin made speeches. The ribbon was cut after the speeches.

Minister Varank and his entourage visited the museum and received information.


The historical building, which was built as the Hamidiye Industry School in 1902 in reference to Sultan Abdülhamit Han and used as a prison since 1961, was turned into a museum by the Sivas Governorship with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and ORAN Development Agency.



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