Samsun's Electric Bus Turned into a Ministry Project

Samsun's electric bus turned into a ministry project

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said that the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank will come to the city on July 16, and said, “Our electric bus project has now turned into a ministry project. During his visit, we will carry out both the signing ceremony and the promotion of the project.”

The July opening meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council was held in Ömer Halisdemir today. Speaking at the assembly where the agenda items were discussed, Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir touched upon the issue of electric buses. Industry and Technology

Stating that Minister Mustafa Varank will come to Samsun, President Demir said, “On July 16, our Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank, will come to Samsun regarding buses with lithium batteries. The project has now turned into a ministry project. During his visit, we will realize both the signing ceremony and the promotion of the project. There is progress on OSB. It will be announced by our esteemed minister. We will have covered a significant distance in this regard," he said.


in rural counties

Stating that the tender for 4 concrete batching plants to be built to reduce the cost of concrete roads has been made, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “We made our tender to establish a concrete plant. We will put our concrete plants, which we will establish in Merkez, Çarşamba, Bafra and Kavak districts, into service in a short time.
we will open. We take 16 mixers. We will meet the concrete needs of both us and our districts in return for the cost. In addition, we are completing all material production this year. We are now producing even surface coating materials in 4 regions. We have identified limestone quarries in the districts. We have started our field studies on these. We are in pursuit of producing quality services for the entire city.”


President Demir, who also gave information about the projects that have started to be built and will come to life, said, “The implementation project of the Millet Coffeehouse Project, which we will build in the area where the Yalı Cafe is located, has arrived. It is an open project. Our council members and our district municipality can examine it. The construction of a two-storey commercial area next to Taşhan in Saathane Square has started. The upper ceiling of the parking lot in Subaşı Square, that is, a part of the lower floor concrete of the square, was poured. Regarding the construction of Samsun City Hospital's road, the Ministry of Health sends the relevant letter to the Provincial Health Directorate. Regarding the protocol, I hope we will have the roads there built by the Ministry of Transport. General Directorate of Highways is preparing an intersection project for the transition to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard. About to clear the traffic jam. If we can succeed, it will be great.”

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