Bitter News from Ecrin, Lost in Antalya

Sad news from his wife who disappeared in Antalya
Sad news from his wife who disappeared in Antalya

Upon the request of AFAD, AKUT's 7-person Antalya and Alanya teams completed the operation for Ecrin Keskin, who disappeared in the Kadriye neighborhood of Serik district, around 18 on 2021 July 15.00, unfortunately, by reaching the lifeless body of the child.

Ecrin Keskin, who was playing in front of the door while her grandmother Fatma Keskin was at home in the Beşgöz location of Kadriye Mahallesi in Serik, disappeared at around 15.00 yesterday.

Unable to find her granddaughter Ecrin when she went out, the grandmother Keskin searched the area. Unable to find Ecrin after searching for a while, the grandmother asked the neighbors for help.

The neighbors informed the police about Ecrin Keskin, who could not be found despite all the searches. Police, IHH Humanitarian Search and Rescue teams and diver police were sent to the region with a warning.

The father and mother, who were in the hospital in Antalya, where their disabled child Mehmet was receiving intensive care treatment, came to the scene when they received the news that their daughter had disappeared.

Suspecting that little Ecrin might have fallen into the Beşgöz Stream, which is used to irrigate the greenhouses in the region, a search operation was carried out in the presence of fishmen and other teams. No results could be obtained in the searches carried out in approximately 2 kilometers of the creek.

Searches in the area, which were interrupted late yesterday, resumed early this morning. The naval police searched again in the creek where little Ecrin was thought to have disappeared. Father Ferhat Keskin and his relatives followed the calls with concern. No traces could be found in the stream, where approximately 2 kilometers of area was scanned. The teams intensified their work under the bridge where the creek meets the golf course facility.

Searches were also made in the water well 200 meters away from the house where the Keskin family lived. While the water-filled well at a depth of 5 meters was scanned by the divers, Ecrin could not be reached here either. Ecrin Keskin's personal belongings and clothes, 3 sensitive nose detectors belonging to the police and gendarmerie were sniffed at the dog. The dogs that searched for Keskin for about 2 hours were not found.

AKUT's 7-person Antalya and Alanya teams, upon the request of AFAD, intensified the work under the bridge where Beşgöz Stream meets the golf course facility in the Kadriye neighborhood of Serik district. Here at around 22.00:XNUMX, the lifeless body of the unfortunate Ecrin was found. The teams started work to remove Ecrin Keskin's lifeless body from the water.

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