Preparations continue for the start of face-to-face training on September 6

Preparations are underway to start face-to-face education in September
Preparations are underway to start face-to-face education in September

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk accompanied the inspectors working in the renewal process of the “My School is Clean Certificate” before the face-to-face training. Selcuk, who participated in the inspections at Barboros Secondary School as part of his Mersin contacts, said, “The main point of our preparations is cleaning and hygiene. With the renewed version of the control guide we have prepared with the Turkish Standards Institute, our work and processes are continuing to take all kinds of measures.” he said.

After the Eid-al-Adha holiday, while the “I'm In for Recovery” activities continue, the preparations for the face-to-face training to start on September 6 are continuing with great care.

Within the scope of his contacts in Mersin, Minister Selçuk, who carried out inspections with the personnel working in the process of renewal of the "My School is Clean Certificate" at Barboros Secondary School in Yenice district, made a statement to the press after the examinations.

Stating that they took all the necessary measures to be together in schools with the first bell on Monday, September 6, Selçuk continued his words as follows: “Within the scope of the "My School is Clean" certification studies, which started within the scope of the cooperation protocol we signed with the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) on July 27, 2020, 2020-2021 In the academic year, applications from 50 official schools and institutions were received and approximately 869% of them were documented. We continue this process with great care. We started the "Document Renewal Inspections" in June, without waiting for the 98-year period to expire in all our schools that received the "My School is Clean Certificate" by providing the necessary conditions during the epidemic period.

3 more teammates join the 340 inspectors on duty to speed up the work. Our auditors monitor and evaluate all schools in real-time, and we quickly address the identified needs.”

Stating that all schools are monitored and evaluated instantly with the inspectors in order to maintain face-to-face education activities in hygienic environments, Selçuk shared the information that 19 thousand 493 schools and institutions have renewed the "Clean My School Certificate". Underlining that the needs that emerged during the inspections were quickly met by planning in coordination with the Ministry units, Minister Selçuk said, “In the process, all schools and institutions were equipped with teachers' rooms, gardens, toilets, taking into account the current conditions in accordance with the "Development of Hygiene Conditions in Educational Institutions and Infection Prevention Control Guide" evaluates the classes. All documents are saved in the system. If any need is detected, it is provided immediately or requests are reported to our Provincial and District Directorates. When necessary, we supplement the production of our vocational high schools with disinfectants, masks and cleaning materials.” said.

Vaccination call from Minister Selçuk to open schools

Stating that he wanted to repeat the call he made on social media at the end of the week in front of the cameras, Selçuk said, “The vaccine is our important protector in the fight against the epidemic. Everyone who is vaccinated is a follower of their own health and a supporter of the process of starting face-to-face education. For the future of our children, I call on everyone, everyone, to share this responsibility and to hold on to the measures more tightly.” he said.

Günceleme: 27/07/2021 15:10

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