Pfizer/Biontech Is The Most Talked Vaccine Brand In The Turkish Media

Pfizer biontech became the most talked about vaccine brand in Turkish media
Pfizer biontech became the most talked about vaccine brand in Turkish media

Vaccination continues at full speed in the world and in Turkey. The rate of vaccination accelerated with the application of the third dose of vaccine and the reduction of the interval between two doses of vaccine to four weeks. kazanis predicted.

Vaccines, which are of vital importance in terms of community immunity, are also frequently discussed in the media. In Turkey, where every individual over the age of 18 is vaccinated, according to experts, 75 percent of the population must be vaccinated in order for herd immunity to occur. According to the media research conducted by Ajans Press, the vaccines that Turkey talked about the most between January 1st and July 1st, 2021 were listed. In the research, in which Ajans Press scanned nearly 15 thousand printed media and web resources, it was determined that Pfizer/Biontech was the most talked about vaccine brand in the Turkish media. The vaccine developed by Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci became the most talked about vaccine brand in Turkey with 154 thousand 224 news stories. While the Astrazeneca vaccine was in the second place with 101 thousand 705 news, Sinovac, the first vaccine to come to Turkey during the Covid process, took the third place with 92 thousand 940 news. While the Moderna vaccine was featured in 67 news stories, the Russian vaccine Sputnik V ranked fifth with 471 news items. Our native vaccine, Turkovac, whose name was announced on June 44, has been on the agenda with 320 thousand 22 news items since then.

The largest vaccination process in history continues to prevent Covid-182.5, which has caused more than 3.9 million cases and over 19 million deaths. When the vaccination processes around the world were examined, it was stated that more than 3 billion doses of vaccines have been made so far. It has been determined that while the population of all vaccines has reached 854 million, this figure corresponds to only 11 percent of the world's population.

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