National Archer Mete Gazoz, Gold Medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Kazanoutside

National Archer Mete Gazoz Tokyo Olympic Games Gold Medal kazandi
National Archer Mete Gazoz Tokyo Olympic Games Gold Medal kazandi

Competing in the classical bow individual branch at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Mete Gazoz faced Italian Mauro Nespoli in the final. Our 22-year-old national athlete defeated his opponent 6-4 and won the gold medal. kazanwas.

Mete, who lost the first set, did not break his morale. The second set was passed evenly. In the 3rd set, when the Italian athlete hit 9 in his last shot, our athlete brought the balance 27-26 with 3-3.

Equality was achieved with 4-29 points in the 29th set of the final, which witnessed great excitement for the gold medal. In the last set, he brought the gold medal to Turkey with the Italian athlete's 8 throws and Mete's 10 hits.

Mete Gazoz won the gold medal kazanAfter his graduation, he said, “I am very happy! I promised to buy gold in Tokyo, I kept my promise. Super. Thank you very much to everyone.”

  • 1. SET: 29-26
  • 2. SET: 28-28
  • 3. SET: 27-26
  • 4. SET: 29-29
  • 5. SET: 29-28

Mete Gazoz, who achieved success in Turkish sports history, defeated Brady Ellison from the United States in the quarterfinals and Takaharu Furukawa from Japan in the semi-finals with 7-3 sets.

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