Mosquito Reproduction Resources in Istanbul 526 thousand 125 times sprayed

ibb sprayed a thousand times at the mosquito breeding source
ibb sprayed a thousand times at the mosquito breeding source

IMM continues its efforts against vectors, which is one of the most disturbing problems for citizens, especially in the summer months. Studies carried out under the leadership of IMM Health Department are carried out from a total of six centers on the Anatolian and European Sides. In the studies in which 182 teams and 611 personnel took part, reproductive resources were sprayed 526 thousand 125 times. There was a 153% decrease in complaints made to ALO ​​15 about vector control.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is fighting against vectors that carry and transmit microorganisms that cause disease in humans. While the IMM Health and Hygiene Directorate Combating Vectors Unit continues its work throughout the year, 182 teams and 611 personnel play an active role in the city's fight against vectors. Control and spraying studies are carried out with cultural, physical, biological and chemical control methods, which are the most advanced scientifically integrated methods used in the world.


All living things that cause disease in humans, such as viruses and bacteria, are called vectors. The drugs used for this purpose are called biocidal. Citizens who have complaints about the issue can make a request from the ALO 153 – White Desk line. According to IMM data, the number of complaints made to the ALO 153 Line; While it was 2019 thousand 82 in 773, this number was measured as 2020 thousand 70 times in 546. IMM teams this year, 526 thousand 125 pesticides were applied in the sources where reproduction was detected. The IMM Health Department also informs the residents of Istanbul via text message (SMS) about the mosquito breeding resources, 86% of which are human-made. Social media sites, brochures, videos and animations are also used as a method of providing information.

Mosquitoes are killed by ULV RAYS

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant or slow flowing water. The laid eggs become adults in a week under favorable conditions. For this reason, control studies are carried out in the reproductive resources at weekly intervals. Warehouses, bins, pot bottoms, puddles, streams and ponds, flooded basements, motor-pomps, cesspools, elevator shafts, puddles in constructions, wells, pools and canals stand out as mosquito breeding points. In the fight against adult mosquitoes, ULV devices are used in all the streets that can be entered in Istanbul during the summer months, while studies are carried out in the areas where mosquitoes spend the winter.


With the Mosquito Notification System application, mosquito notification can be made from mobile phones. The application will serve via mobile system or web. In addition to the application, mosquito traps that allow invasive species called Ovitrap to lay their eggs at designated points in Istanbul is being installed. The wood materials in the ovitraps, which will be checked at certain periods, are changed and the mosquito population on them is measured. The increase in mosquito density is prevented by physical and biological control in areas where populations are detected.

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