Job Guaranteed Course Gives Its First Graduates

Job guaranteed course gave its first graduates
Job guaranteed course gave its first graduates

The “İzmir Joint Design and Production Center” project, prepared by the Konak Municipality together with the Izmir Business Women's Association (IZIKAD), gave its first graduates. 15 female trainees who participated in the trainings, which started on March 30 and ended on June 30, received their certificates with a ceremony.

İzmir Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger, who attended the ceremony, pointed out that there is this potential in İzmir by saying, “We need to make an effort to make our women well-equipped, skilled and professional.” It is also very important for the development of the country. "The stronger the women, the stronger the country," he said.

First term graduates of İzmir Co-Design and Production Center Project, serving in Halil Rıfat Paşa Mansion. Konak Municipality He received the course completion and certificates of appreciation at the closing ceremony held at the Research and Development (R&D) Directorate. İzmir Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger, Konak Mayor Abdül Batur, Konak District Governor Mehmet Eriş attended the ceremony. İçişleri Bakanlığı İzmir Civil Society Relations Manager Turgay Esen, İzmir Business Women's Association President Betül Sezgin, İŞKUR İzmir Provincial Director Kadri Kabak, Konak Public Education Center Manager Yasin Öztürk, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Gender Equality Commission President and CHP Group SözcüAttorney Nilay Kökkılınç and Konak Municipality Council members, representatives of non-governmental organizations, business world, muhtars and trainees attended.

Köşger: Our women are always strong

Speaking at the ceremony, which started with the screening of a short film about the works carried out within the scope of the project and the education process, İzmir Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger emphasized that Turkish women are always strong. Köşger said, “Whenever we can employ each of our citizens, each and every one of us, in pursuit of the ideal of a great Turkey, whatever their talent, knowledge, skill, whatever they can do, then we will be able to surpass the level of contemporary civilizations that Atatürk showed. Then we will achieve the ideal of a great Turkey, then we will go beyond the level of contemporary contemporary civilizations, and we will consolidate our place among the respected states in the world. Of course, it is out of question for women to be neglected while men are pursuing the ideal of this great country. We call it two halves of an apple. And our woman is always strong. He always stood shoulder to shoulder with his man, even in war, shoulder to shoulder with his man. He is always self-sacrificing, determined, hardworking, resourceful, and can overcome anything.”

“Izmir has potential”

Emphasizing that she supports all projects aimed at improving women's abilities and contributing to employment, Köşger said, “This potential, this environment already exists in İzmir. We will do whatever it takes to accelerate it, to motivate it. Having a job helps a lot in finding a job. You can't put anyone who says "I can do anything" to any job. Therefore, acquiring a profession is a skill. kazanneeds to be raised. This course is aimed at her, and it is a study at the point of providing a profession for our women.”

Expressing that the number of women who are trained and placed in a job should be increased, Governor Köşger continued as follows:

“There is 17 percent unemployed in Izmir. Among this, the rate of young unemployed and unemployed women is proportionally higher. We need to make an effort to make our women well-equipped, skilled and professional.”

Emphasis on solidarity from Batur

Konak Mayor Abdül Batur pointed out that the most important factor at the beginning of the project was women's acquisition of both a profession and a job, and said, “With the contributions of all state institutions, all institutions affiliated to our İzmir Governorship and District Governorship, our municipality and İZIKAD as a non-governmental organization, we will have a very good job. job accomplished. I would like to thank all the public institutions that supported this project, especially the Ministry of Interior İzmir Civil Society Relations Directorate, İzmir Konak Public Education Directorate, and İŞKUR Provincial Directorate. We are trying to do really good things with public institutions, especially the institutions affiliated to our governorship and district governorship, in this two and a half years, on this road that we set out with the understanding of 'Mansion Together'. We see your great support. First of all, Mr. Governor has attended our meeting today, as well as his positive approach to all the projects we have taken and his positive approach to the city. kazanI thank you for your stance on the point. I would also like to thank Mr. District Governor and our relevant institutions," he said.

“Sustainability is important”

Stating that the sustainability of the project is very important, Batur pointed out that 13 trainee women were employed in various companies and said, “It is very important for the development of the country, especially for our women to have a profession and to be able to provide input to the home economy. "The stronger the women, the stronger the country," he said. Batur continued his words as follows:

“As Konak Municipality, we are doing good projects together with non-governmental organizations. We established our R&D Department just for this job. We are preparing very good projects not only in non-governmental organizations but also in European Union projects, both with our public institutions and with civil initiatives. On March 8, International Women's Day, we established our women's cooperative under the auspices of Konak Municipality. Here is what the cooperative will do in the next period: Our women produce in our 14 district centers. What they produce should be evaluated and they should contribute to the home economy. We will include our cooperative in certain places of Konak at the point of marketing these manufactured products. The value of these products that we have branded on them will be deposited into their accounts. They will also contribute to the home economy.”

call to enlarge the circle

Emphasizing that the project was realized as an exemplary project, Batur also called for civil initiative. Stating that they are open to every project especially aimed at women, Batur said, “We are proud to be a woman-friendly municipality. The higher our women rise, the more they contribute to the domestic economy with their own efforts, and how long they stand, this is very important. We are trying to achieve this. IZIKAD is an institution where we constantly produce projects. From now on, we will carry out our projects in the best way possible," he said. Stating that they will follow the work of the trainees after receiving their certificates, Batur said, “I would like you to tell the women around you about your work and encourage them as well. If they participate in the new project we will do, we will enlarge this circle.”

Sezgin: Their self-confidence is very high

Betül Sezgin, President of the Izmir Business Women's Association, expressed that the excitement of the trainees also excited her and said, “They were not like this when they first came, but now their self-confidence is very high. I am proud of that,” he said. Expressing that they are justifiably proud of completing the project successfully, Sezgin thanked everyone who supported the project. Sezgin thanked Konak Mayor Abdul Batur for making quick decisions at the very beginning of the project, for his financial and moral support, and for creating sustainability in the projects that IZIKAD and Konak Municipality will do together. “We are proud that our project has achieved its goal. We promised employment to 10 unemployed women. Sezgin continued his words as follows:

“Example for Turkey”

“I think it is a normal project for İzmir, but an exemplary and holistic project for Turkey, realized in solidarity by all institutions. The result of today is the women who were unemployed 5 months ago, who did not have a job or even did not have self-confidence for business life, as business women who know what they want. As we continue to move forward with them, they will continue to transform themselves and their environment. My dear business women friends, you will receive your certificate today. You will leave here as self-confident business women who know what they want. I would like you to put three things in your pocket when you go. Never stop learning, learning from your mistakes, keeping up with change and looking from different angles. We will continue to be with you as long as you want.”

Fidan: I am one of the strong women

Esra Fidan, one of the trainees of the project, was also promised at the ceremony. Fidan, who started her speech by saying, "I am one of the strong women whose lives the project touched," said, "On behalf of all my trainees, I would like to thank everyone who provided us with these opportunities." Fidan thanked Konak Mayor Abdül Batur for providing the training area and providing all kinds of opportunities, and thanked the teachers for telling the same thing over and over again without getting tired of giving them information about the sector.

Received their graduation certificate

After the speeches, plaques were given to the institutions and organizations that supported the project. A plaque was presented by Izmir Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger to Turgay Esen, İzmir Civil Society Relations Manager of the Ministry of Interior, for the grant support provided to the project. Konak District Governor Mehmet Eriş presented a plaque to Yasin Öztürk, Director of Konak Public Education Center, for the educational support provided by İzmir Konak Public Education Center and Evening Art School Directorate. The representatives of Yaman Tekstil, Kulser Tekstil, BRN Teknoloji and Narkon Tekstil, which supported the project in terms of employment, received their plaques from Konak Mayor Abdül Batur. İzmir Business Women's Association President Betül Sezgin presented their plaques to the teachers who gave the training.

At the end of the ceremony, the course completion and certificates of appreciation were given to the trainees who successfully completed the training process by İzmir Governor Köşger, President Batur and İZIKAD President Sezgin.

13 women will start work on 12 July

The right to receive a grant of 71 thousand 415 TL as a result of the evaluation prepared in line with the grant program opened by the General Directorate of Civil Society Relations of the Ministry of Interior. kazanAn İzmir Co-Design and Production Center project was realized under the application of İzmir Business Women's Association, in partnership with Konak Municipality and Yaman Tekstil. First, the machinery and equipment to be used within the scope of the project were purchased, then the training process began. 25 women between the ages of 45-20 received 8 hours of straight sewing machine, overlock machine and hemming machine operator training for three and a half months, and 22 university graduate female trainees between the ages of 32-10 received 10 days of design training. The trainings given by İzmir Konak Public Education Center and Evening Art School Directorate at Konak Municipality's Aziziye Neighborhood Center started on 15 March and ended on 30 June. The trainees, whose insurance was paid by the İzmir İŞKUR Provincial Directorate, were given a daily salary of 35 TL. 20 out of 13 women who received straight stitch, overlock and coverstitch machine operator training were employed in Yaman Tekstil, Narkon Tekstil, Kulser Tekstil and BRN Teknoloji. The trainees will start work on 12 July.

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