Don't Offer Alternatives If Your Child Doesn't Eat!

If your child does not eat, do not offer alternatives
If your child does not eat, do not offer alternatives

Near East University Hospital Dietitian Gültaç Uncle Çamır reminded that the role models of children are their parents, stating that the television should be turned off, if any, and children should be kept away from technology during the meal, during which communication within the family is strengthened.

Many parents complain that their children eat little or do not eat certain things. Near East University Hospital Dietitian Gültaç Uncle Çamır says that parents should be role models for children and should be given the right to choose food. Dietitian Uncle Gültaç asked, "Do you think we should make spinach or purslane?"

Dietician Gültaç Uncle also said that if the children do not eat the food at home, they should not be offered alternatives and the child should be expected to be hungry. "One of the biggest mistakes is that parents try to eat something without giving the child a chance to get hungry, with the thought that 'the child will go hungry' or 'he will not tell if he is hungry'. Don't be persistent if your child refuses to eat. Do not offer other alternatives to your child so that he does not go hungry. 'Everything on this plate will be finished!' don't say. Do not overfill your child's plate, but rather feed him in small portions. Be careful not to eat one type of food by providing a balanced distribution of foods according to age. The parent of what, when, where the child will eat; He should decide how much he will eat.” Stating that parents should be role models for their children, Gültaç Uncle Çamır said, "In a family where there is a father who does not eat fruit or a mother who removes vegetables from the meal, it would not be right to expect the child to eat everything that is put in front of him. In this sense, children should be able to exercise their right of choice and their freedom should not be restricted.

Don't give rewards for food!

Dietician Gültaç Uncle Çamır said that parents should prepare foods that children do not like in a different way. Dietitian Gültaç Uncle Çamır continued as follows: “For example, prepare vegetables that he does not like in different ways at regular intervals and bring them to the table with presentations that he will like. Do not reward your child for eating. Although the sentences "If you finish your meal, I will reward you" are a short-term solution, they will cause bigger problems in the long run. Because your child will want to do the things that he has to do by getting used to being rewarded. Parents who panic saying that my child is not eating, reward them when they eat, and make them sit in front of the TV to eat prevent their children from acquiring healthy eating habits.



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