Hatice Kübra İlgün, Athlete of the Olympic Mothers Project, Won Bronze Medal

Hatice Kubra Ilgun, one of the athletes of the Olympic mothers project, won a bronze medal
Hatice Kubra Ilgun, one of the athletes of the Olympic mothers project, won a bronze medal

Hatice Kübra İlgün, one of the athletes of the Olympic Mothers project initiated by P&G to spread the sports culture in Turkey, won the Bronze Medal in the taekwondo category at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Hatice Kübra İlgün, who is one of the 2020 athletes who are eligible to participate in the Tokyo 29 Olympic Games, supported by Procter & Gamble (P&G), one of the world's largest personal care and cleaning products companies and the manufacturer of brands such as Fairy, Prima and Ariel, with the Olympic Mothers project. won the Bronze Medal. Representing Turkey in taekwondo in 57 kilos, Hatice Kübra İlgün added a new one to her success by eliminating her rivals.

İlgün, born in Kars in 1993, said, “I promised my father to fly the Turkish Flag by winning a medal at the Olympics. My goal was to win a medal at the Olympics. It is my biggest motivation to set an example for female athletes who come after me in the taekwondo category I compete in. İlgün, who won the gold medal at the 5th European President's Cup, which was held in Sweden, also said the following about the Olympic Mothers project: “It is very important to instill self-confidence in young athletes, especially parents, and to have a mother and supporters who always support them. . The Olympic Mothers project is one of these important supports. It gives hope to the future with the support it gives to you, your mother and young athletes who will represent our country in the future. This project is of great importance in terms of raising awareness of mothers about sports and ensuring that their children are successful in this field, instill such a good habit in their lives and become healthy individuals. The financial and moral support that P&G gives to the athletes is a great value for a future full of success.”

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