Great Istanbul Bus Station Hosted 1.5 Million People During the Eid

grand istanbul bus station hosted millions of people during the feast
grand istanbul bus station hosted millions of people during the feast

The Great Istanbul Bus Terminal served approximately 15 million people during the holiday between 25-1.5 July. Despite the intensity experienced, no negativity was experienced this year thanks to the measures taken by the IMM.

Between 15-25 July, covering the Eid-al-Adha holiday, 17 small vehicles entered and exited from the Great Istanbul Bus Terminal, from which a total of 961 intercity passenger buses departed. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has taken a series of measures to prevent the negativities arising from the density in the Great Istanbul Bus Station, where more than 163 million people pass in total.

In these 11 days covering the Bayram holiday period, the IMM Public Transportation Services Directorate carried out continuous and effective inspections. All public transportation vehicles, especially taxis, carried out passenger transportation services in accordance with the rules.

The measures worked, there were no long queues of vehicles.

With the work carried out in coordination with the Police, Public Security and Traffic teams, vehicle traffic and passenger movements took place on a regular basis. Thanks to the measures taken, the long vehicle queues that emerged during the past holidays did not occur this year.

During the holiday period, İBB provided 350/7 service with a total of 24 personnel with all its related units.

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