Former Governor of Sakarya Hüseyin Avni Coş Died of Heart Attack

Former Governor of Sakarya Huseyin Avni Cos died as a result of a heart attack
Former Governor of Sakarya Huseyin Avni Cos died as a result of a heart attack

Former Sakarya Governor Hüseyin Avni Coş was hospitalized due to a heart attack. Despite the interventions, Coş could not be saved and died.

Who is Hüseyin Avni Coş?

Hüseyin Avni Coş (1959, Eğirdir – 30 July 2021, Istanbul), Turkish bureaucrat. Coş, who served as the governors of Bingöl, Aksaray, Kırklareli, Aydın and Adana respectively, lastly served as the governor of Sakarya between 2014-2017. He also served as a district governor in Akkuş in Ordu, İmranlı in Sivas and Şirvan in Siirt.

Hüseyin Avni Coş was born in 1959 in Eğirdir district of Isparta. After graduating from Eğirdir High School in 1976, he started his education at Ege University Faculty of Social Sciences in the same year, transferred to Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences Department of Economics and Finance in 1977 and graduated in 1981 with a good grade.

In 1982, he started to serve as the Civil Administrative Officer in Antalya. During his internship at the District Governorship, he served as Deputy District Governor and Mayor in Bucak district of Burdur. He completed the 1983th Term District Governorship Course in 69 with the degree of "Superior Success". In 1984, he was appointed to the District Governor of Akkuş district of Ordu province. In 1987, he was appointed as the District Governor of the Imranlı district of Sivas province. After completing the foreign language course organized by the Ministry of Interior in 1988, he was sent to the United States for one year. In 1989, he was appointed as the district governor of Şirvan district of Siirt.

In 1991, he was appointed to Diyarbakir's State of Emergency Regional Deputy Governor. In 1995, he served as the Head of Department at the Ministry of Interior APK Board and General Directorates of Civil Defense. In 1995, he was appointed as Civil Inspector of the Ministry of Interior. He became the Civil Inspector General in 1996. He attended various courses and seminars on security and management. He was appointed to the Governorship of Bingöl by the Council of Ministers Decision dated 30 January 2003 and numbered 2003/5221. He was selected as the "Governor of the Year" by the Young Entrepreneurship and Governance Union, for his great contributions to the rapid repair of the damages of the Bingol earthquake that occurred on May 1, 2003 and the completion of permanent residences for the disaster victims, especially before the winter season.

He was appointed to the Governorship of Aksaray by the Council of Ministers Decision dated 1 December 2003 and numbered 2003/6478, to the Governorship of Kırklareli by the Council of Ministers Decision dated 30 December 2005 and numbered 2005/9864, to the Governorship of Aydın by the Council of Ministers Decision dated 11 June 2009 and numbered 2009/15064. Afterwards, he was appointed as the Governor of Adana with the Council of Ministers Decision dated 17 August 2011 and numbered 2011/2153 and started his duty on 5 September 2011. He was appointed as the governor of Sakarya with the governors' decree published in the Official Gazette on May 23, 2014, and he started this duty on June 9, 2014.

It was alleged that he said “gavat” to one of the demonstrators during the protest against the government at the ceremony held on the anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's death on 10 November 2013 in Adana. After this incident, “I don't use the word gavat. I might have said Kavas,” he said.

Hüseyin Avni Coş broke up with his first wife, Sıdıka Zeynep, in 2006. He has two daughters from his first marriage. In 2009, he got married for the second time with the younger banker Aylin Özer. In September 2, they had another daughter. Hüseyin Avni Coş, who had a heart attack at his home in Istanbul on July 2010, 30, died at the age of 2021 in the hospital he was taken to.



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