Fikirtepe Bridge Junction Becomes a Holiday Gift to Istanbul

Fikirtepe junction was a holiday gift to Istanbul
Fikirtepe junction was a holiday gift to Istanbul

IMM built a bridge junction to solve the transportation problem in Fikirtepe, one of the most critical points of the city. The investment, which also includes Turkey's largest arched and trapezoidal cross-section bridge, paved the way for citizens who went to visit their loved ones during the holiday. Thanks to the crossroads connecting the critical points of Istanbul, the citizens of the region had the opportunity to experience the joy of the holiday without suffering the traffic ordeals after years.

Fikirtepe Bridge Junction, put into service by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), was a holiday gift to the city. Commissioned before the holiday KadıköyThe intersection at one of the most problematic points of the city saves the citizens who are on the road to visit their loved ones from the traffic ordeal of the past.


Thanks to the realization of the project, Fikirtepe residents have the opportunity to easily connect to critical points of Istanbul. Now, the highway connections from Fikirtepe Mahallesi to 15 July Martyrs Bridge, Harem and Göztepe serve in a way that brings the least traffic load to the existing transportation axis. Access to the Eurasia Tunnel also makes it very comfortable.


İBB broke new ground in solving the problem that has been causing complaints in Fikirtepe for years. He built a curved and trapezoidal cross-section bridge with the largest span in Turkey with 56 meters. A total of 500 meters of connection roads and underpasses were built in order to integrate the two thousand 9-meter bridge junction into the transportation network. In addition, within the scope of the project, 15 thousand meters of wastewater and 13 thousand meters of rain water lines were put into service.


The project, which started in the past, continued without a break despite the difficult pandemic conditions and was quickly implemented. In addition to reducing the density in the region, the giant intersection started to attract the attention of investors to Fikirtepe. The project added value to the region.



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