Feasibility Studies Started for Mount Ararat Master Plan

Feasibility studies have started for the master plan of Ağrı Mountain
Feasibility studies have started for the master plan of Ağrı Mountain

Feasibility studies have started for the Tourism Master Plan for Mount Ararat and its surroundings, which is carried out with the support of Serhat Development Agency (SERKA).

The feasibility preparations for the Mount Ararat and Surrounding Tourism Master Plan, one of the most important projects of the Agency, which was implemented within the scope of the Serhat Development Agency's Tourism Destinations Development and Branding Result-Oriented Program (TSOP), started. Speaking at the meeting held for the promotion of the project carried out under the coordination of the Governorship of Ağrı, Governor of Ağrı Osman Varol said that Ağrı has many touristic potentials and a master plan is needed to reveal them. Stating that the project was carried out with the support of SERKA, Governor Varol said, “We organized mini workshops, scanned the literature, compared our city with our region and contacted people from the field. As a result of all these studies, we saw the following; We need a master plan so that we can reveal our tourism values. We set out to implement a holistic plan that will combine our tourism potentials with variables such as sports and culture, and we put forward the Tourism Master Plan for Mount Ararat and its surroundings. The results of the feasibility study of this plan will be the road map for us on this path we set out by directing our projects.” Gökhan Özince, SERKA Ağrı Investment Support Office Coordinator, who spoke at the meeting, also gave information to the participants about the Agency's work and the project. After the speeches, the contractor company, consisting of Yıldız Technical University academicians, made a presentation about the results to be achieved within the scope of the project.

Within the scope of the project, first of all, potential and current situation analysis of tourism destinations in and around Mount Ararat will be made. Within the scope of the feasibility study, a multidimensional perspective will be developed under the headings of the current situation analysis of Mount Ararat and its surroundings, its location in the country and the region and its transportation relations, tourism resources, tourism superstructure, institutional and physical infrastructure of tourism. Mount Ararat, İshak Pasha Palace and Ahmed-i Hani Tomb and the surrounding historical structures, Meteor Pit, Ice Cave, Noah's Ark Trace, Fish Lake, Ağrı Meya Ancient City (Günbuldu Caves), Diyadin Hot Springs and Canyon are the main study areas. With the project he created, a Master Plan will be prepared to determine strategies for sustainable tourism targets in Ağrı, and investment feasibility of tourism areas will be established.

Governor Osman Varol, Mayor Prosecutor Sayan, İbrahim Çeçen University Rector Prof. Dr. Abdulhalik Karabulut, Yıldız Technical University Rector Prof. Dr. Tamer Yılmaz, academics, Deputy Governors, District Governors, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Brigadier General Mehmet Çimen, Provincial Police Chief Nihat Özen, SERKA Ağrı Provincial Coordinator Gökhan Özince, Tourism and Environment Unit Head Çağrı Esatoğlu and protocol members attended. The meeting ended with the presentation of a plaque.

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