Ekol Logistics and N11 Collaborated

Ekol logistics and n cooperated
Ekol logistics and n cooperated

With the n11depom project, implemented with the cooperation of Turkey's shopping platform n11 and the leading company of the logistics sector, Ekol, the operations of all companies serving in e-commerce will be carried out from a single point. All e-commerce operational processes such as storage, order management, packaging, shipment and return of n11 business partners and all SMEs serving in e-commerce are provided by n11depom.

n11depom, an e-commerce logistics service implemented with the cooperation of n11 and Ekol Logistics, enables companies serving in e-commerce to focus on sales by undertaking all the operational burden. All n11 business partners can easily benefit from the n11depom service, as well as companies that are members of other marketplaces or companies that have their own e-commerce platform, and can benefit from all end-to-end operational services thanks to the integration provided. All of the operational works offered by n11depom are carried out by Ekol Logistics.

With the service implemented by combining the competencies of two powerful players in their sectors; Opportunities such as advantageous prices, unlimited storage and output capacity are offered. Thus, n11 business partners and companies have the opportunity to save time with low costs. Thanks to n11depom, all logistics, shipment and return processes are carried out by professional teams in accordance with standards and in a high quality manner.

Operational work in the n11depom service is carried out at the Lotus Facility of Ekol Logistics in Kocaeli, which is the size of 30 football fields. Lotus, which employs 1.300 people, is Turkey's largest indoor logistics facility. The stores that benefit from n11depom services send all or selected products to the n11depom center. Then, the packaging, shipping and return processes of orders coming from all marketplaces or their own websites are carried out in these centers. Therefore, stores can easily manage all their sales from e-commerce through a single warehouse and single stock.

Yu-Shik Kim, CEO of n11, said, “As Turkey's shopping platform, n11, we always support the development of e-commerce and SMEs to grow their businesses by participating in e-commerce, and we continue to develop services and solutions for this. With our new project, n11depom, which we have implemented with Ekol Logistics after n11invoice and n11store, we offer advantageous solutions such as saving time and storage costs, managing stock tracking and return processes to all companies that sell in e-commerce, regardless of the marketplace they sell to. We believe that it is a strong step taken for the sector that all companies selling in e-commerce, together with our more than 11 thousand business partner vendors registered in n270, will be able to benefit from this service. Thanks to this operational work we have realized with n11depom, we also aim to develop special delivery models and work to meet the needs and expectations of customers. We will continue to produce projects that contribute to the development of e-commerce and support SMEs.”

Stating that e-commerce is at the center of its growth strategies, Ekol Logistics Chairman of the Board Ahmet Musul said, “As we continue our investments to meet the increasing needs of the e-commerce sector, our cooperation with n11 is an important step in this direction. With the spread of e-commerce, the fastest storage of products and their accurate and timely delivery to the final customer have become more and more critical performance indicators. Sellers expect their products to be delivered to the final consumer in a timely and complete manner at the lowest cost. We aim to meet this expectation perfectly with the n11depom application, which was brought to life in cooperation with Ekol Logistics ven11. We will contribute to the growth of SMEs by creating a competitive advantage with the integrated service we will offer at Lotus, which has many firsts in terms of design and technology, and is among the few facilities in Europe with its environmentally friendly features.” made its assessment.

Ekol logistics and n cooperated


Operations Management
n11depom stores the products of the vendors in the Ekol Lotus storage area and manages all e-commerce processes end-to-end on their behalf. It enables companies to save time and cost with its expert professional staff.

Integrated with All Marketplaces
n11depom supports the development and growth of e-commerce, which is open to all marketplaces and member vendors, especially n11 business partners. With the Entegra program, stores can manage all their processes through a single warehouse and single stock in a fully integrated manner to all marketplaces and their own e-commerce sites.

Quality Packaging
At n11depom, professional teams carefully package and ship products to customers at high quality standards. While the possibility of damage to the product in cargo is minimized, customer satisfaction increases

Unlimited Output Capacity and Fast Shipping
Products sold with the warehouse management experience of Ekol Logistics are packaged in the most accurate way as soon as possible and delivered to the preferred cargo company. In this way, all sold products are shipped on time and reach the customers as soon as possible, without an order limit.

Reliable Stock Tracking
Stock tracking for the products stored in n11depom is done by Ekol Logistics. Out-of-stock products are closed for sale through integration. Thus, it is prevented that the order cannot be fulfilled for the sellers.

Returns Management
All product returns are collected at n11depom centers. Here, quality control is carried out quickly by professional teams, those that are suitable for return are taken back into stock, while those that are not suitable are sent to the companies. Return process management is carried out by n11depom.



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