Edirne Necmi İğe House Ethnography Museum Opened

Edirne Necmi Ige House Ethnography Museum opened
Edirne Necmi Ige House Ethnography Museum opened

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank inaugurated the Necmi İğe Evi Ethnography Museum, which was restored by the Thrace Development Agency and turned into a museum by the Edirne Governorship. Explaining that the building, named after Necmi İge, who has done very important works on Edirne urban culture, is a legacy from the late 17th century, Varank stated that this structure is the oldest example of the city's architectural and historical texture.

Evaluating the export figures, Minister Varank said, “In June, our exports increased by 47 percent compared to the previous year and reached 19,8 billion dollars. Our total exports in the first 6 months of the year reached 40 billion dollars with an increase of 105 percent. These figures were recorded as the highest exports in the history of the Republic.” used the phrase.


In his speech at the opening ceremony, Minister Varank stated that Edirne, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire, is very valuable with its history, culture and economic potential. Emphasizing that the plans for the conquest of Istanbul, which changed the course of history, were made from Edirne, Varank said, “Edirne, where many innovations and firsts in Ottoman architecture were implemented, presented unique works to the history of world civilization. Edirne, home to the elegant bridges over the Meriç and Tunca rivers, and the Selimiye Mosque, a masterpiece of Mimar Sinan, is the crossroads of civilizations. It is a science, culture and art center with its complexes, mosques, covered bazaars and covered bazaars. For this reason, the historical and cultural values ​​in our city attract more and more local and foreign visitors every year.” he said.


Explaining that Edirne has the highest number of museum visitors after Istanbul and Ankara, Varank said, “Necmi İğe Evi Ethnography Museum will carry the potential of our Edirne to even higher levels. Named after Necmi İğe, who has accomplished very important works in the field of Edirne urban culture, this distinguished building is a legacy from the late 17th century. This building is the oldest example showing the architectural and historical texture of the city.” he said.


Varank stated that the ownership of the building passed to the Thrace Development Agency in 2012 and that they restored the largely ruined building and offered it to tourism. Stating that hundreds of works that reveal the culture, belief and social life style of the local people from the past to the present are exhibited in the museum, Varank said, “Our museum, which contains many ethnographic examples of traditional life, brings the past to the present. In addition, this work will be an example for the efforts to keep other historical structures waiting to be discovered all over Turkey.” said.


Stating that the Kovid-19 epidemic turned the economic system upside down, Minister Varank said, “When we look at the first quarter of 2021, we see a serious growth performance of 7 percent. Leading indicators point to a much higher growth in the second quarter of 2021. In June, our exports increased by 47 percent compared to the previous year and reached 19,8 billion dollars. Our total exports in the first 6 months of the year reached 40 billion dollars with an increase of 105 percent. These figures were recorded as the highest exports in the history of the Republic.” used the phrases.


Referring to the increase in exports of high and medium high technology products, Minister Varank said, “In May, there was an increase of up to 60 percent in these two product groups, which is an indicator of a healthy and value-added economic recovery. Of course, each of our provinces has a very important role and contribution in this successful performance of our country. In our regional development policies carried out under the responsibility of our Ministry, we see our provinces and regions as the building blocks of our economy.” he said.


Speaking about the investment areas in Edirne, Minister Varank said, “I would like to give the good news from here that Ipsala OIZ will quickly complete the establishment procedures and this OIZ will become a legal entity within this year. kazanwe will go. In addition, as soon as it is offered, we will submit our Uzunköprü and Keşan Gıda Specialized OIZs to the investment program and ensure that they are supported. We aim to bid for the infrastructure projects of these OIZs in 2022.” said.


Varank underlined that in addition to the investments made in industrial infrastructure, significant supports are provided to businesses that will increase their production and exports, and that nearly 2 million liras have been given to 250 thousand 140 projects through KOSGEB, TUBITAK and Thrace Development Agency.


Stating that there is a history of about a thousand years in the geography where we live, with 200 years of Seljuk, then 600 years of Ottoman and nearly a century of Republic experiences, Minister Varank said, “Museums are bridges of culture, art and history that our nation has built from the past to the future. While we contribute to the development of our country with the investments we make and the projects we implement, we also protect our civilization. As you know, the development of art, culture and science is a matter of climate. Our duty is to create a culture, art and civilization climate that will carry this accumulation forward.” he said.

After the speech, Necmi İge's son Ahmet Ünal İge presented the book written by the local historian Cengiz Bulut, in which his father's life was told, to Minister Varank. Minister Varank posed for a souvenir photo with İğe family.

Then Minister Varank, Governor Ekrem Canalp, Head of GNAT Equal Opportunity Commission for Women and Men, AK Party Edirne Deputy Fatma Aksal, Edirne Mayor Recep Gürkan, AK Party Edirne Provincial President Belgin İba, MHP Edirne Provincial President Zakir Tercan, mayors, provincial protocol and İğe. His family cut the museum's opening ribbon.

Afterwards, Minister Varank and the participants toured the museum.

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