Diyarbakir Light Rail System to Enter Service in 2023

Diyarbakir light rail system will also be put into service
Diyarbakir light rail system will also be put into service

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement important projects that will touch the lives of citizens in the city center and districts.

The Metropolitan Municipality continues to carry out works that will affect the lives of Diyarbakır residents and prioritize quality and comfort.

Trying to reduce the problems in urban life with the works it carries out, the Metropolitan Municipality implements projects that will increase the living comfort of the citizens living in rural areas. It continues to implement projects that will bring the tourism potential of the city to the forefront with the ongoing restoration works in historical places.

The light rail system is targeted to enter service in 2023.

The Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on the Light Rail System Project to provide cheap, safe and comfortable transportation services to the citizens.

It carries out geological-geotechnical surveys of the ground within the scope of project studies on the Rail System Line between Dağkapı-Gazi Yaşargil Training and Research Hospital, which the Transportation Department plans to put into service in 2023.

The teams completed the drilling works to reveal the geological model of the rail system route and to obtain its geotechnical parameters.

The resurrection continues in the walls

On 10 August last year, the Metropolitan Municipality started restoration work on the 6 bastions of the Diyarbakir Castle, which are the most magnificent bastions of Ulu Body, Yedikardeş, Selçuklu, Nur and Urfa Kapı.

Nearly 300 independent structures in the Benusen neighborhood, which are adjacent to the repaired bastions and adversely affect its appearance, were expropriated and an area of ​​25 thousand square meters was uncovered in the protection band outside the Walls.

In January, restoration works were carried out in 11 bastions, 2 of which are inner castle and 13 of which are outer castle bastions, the retaining wall around Amida Höyük and landscaping on an area of ​​11 thousand square meters.

The gates of three bastions were unearthed during the excavations carried out in İçkale as part of the restoration.

In May, Dagkapi, One Body, bastions 7 and 8, and 98 of the 24 standing bastions of Diyarbakir Castle were included in the restoration work.

Fiskaya viewing terrace is being renovated

After the Fiskaya Waterfall was made flowing again, renovation works were started on the viewing terrace.

With the completion of the project, which was approved by the Diyarbakir Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board, citizens will be able to watch the World Cultural Heritage Hevsel Gardens and the view of the Tigris River, which gives life to Mesopotamia.

The glory of Malabadi Bridge will be revealed

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality will make landscaping in an area of ​​30 thousand square meters to reveal the splendor of the Malabadi Bridge, the stone arch bridge with the largest arch span in the world.

A total of 30 thousand square meters of land will be arranged in the study, and there will be 18 thousand 95 square meters of green space. Around the bridge, there will be a square, cafeteria, prayer room, viewing terraces, promenade, pier, children's playground, toilet and baby care rooms.

In the project, where an artificial beach will be created to cut off the physical contact with the bridge, the magnificence of the bridge will be visible at night with lighting.

Diyarbakır will be the center of national and international sports activities

The protocol of 16 youth and sports investments that will transform Diyarbakır into an International Sports Center was signed between the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Governor's Office, the Metropolitan and 17 district municipalities.

Within the scope of the Youth and Sports Investments project, a “Sports Park” will be built, covering all sports branches, especially swimming, tennis, archery, volleyball, football, basketball, and suitable for national and international sports organizations.

The Metropolitan Municipality will build a "Selahattin Eyyubi Awakening Youth Camp" with an area of ​​5 thousand square meters, 55 km from Dicle District center and 180 km from Diyarbakır.

“Sur Dicle Valley Sports Complex” will be established on an area of ​​66 thousand square meters in Yiğitçavuş Neighborhood of Sur District in order to bring together the youth living in Sur district and students studying at Dicle University.

“Al Cezeri Science and Youth Center” will be opened in Kayapınar district, and “Sezai Karakoç Thematic Literature Youth Center” will be opened in Sur district. District type youth centers will be established in Eğil, Hani, Lice, Çınar, Çermik and Kulp.

350 basketball hoops will be installed in school gardens and suitable parks, and 50 basketball hoops will be installed in mosque gardens.

Sports halls for 1000 people will be opened in Bağlar, Bismil, Kocaköy, Hazro and Eğil, and swimming pools will be opened in Ergani, Bağlar, Bismil, Çınar, Silvan and Kulp districts.

Within the scope of the investments, 80 carpet pitches, 9 basketball courts and volleyball courts, turf and 3 regular synthetic football fields will be built.

Town square and public gardens for districts

Metropolitan Municipality will build the 14st Kılıçarslan Town Square of 430 thousand 1 square meters in Silvan District. In the square project, which will change the face of the district, a green area of ​​8 thousand 300 square meters will be created.

A National Garden will be built in Hazro on an area of ​​32 thousand square meters with a picnic area, camellia, sports equipment, walking paths, seating units and various playgrounds for children.

In Kocaköy, on the other hand, a park will be built on 9 square meters in order to create a resting area for the citizens. A cafeteria, prayer room, rose gardens, camellia, fitness sports equipment, walking paths and WC will be built in the park, and an area with various playgrounds on soft ground will be created for children.

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