Curious About Delta Mutation

Curious about the delta mutation
Curious about the delta mutation

What is the Delta mutation that emerged in India, its symptoms and does vaccines have an effect on this mutation? The answers to these questions were answered by the President of the Allergy and Asthma Society Prof. Dr. Ahmet Akcay replied. What are the symptoms of delta mutation? What is the effect of vaccines on Delta mutation?

The COVID-19 virus has mutated, resulting in alpha, beta, gamma and now delta mutations. The delta mutation first appeared in India in December 2020. In April 2021, the Delta plus mutation emerged. As of June 2021, the variant has been detected in more than 80 countries. It has started to be seen in Turkey as well.

What are the symptoms of delta mutation?

This mutated virus is more contagious and more dangerous because it causes more damage to the lungs and is more resistant to the drugs used. While the symptoms of Covid-19 infection are cough, fever, loss of smell and taste, the most common symptoms such as headache, sore throat and runny nose are seen among those with the Delta variant. Younger patients feel “as if they are suffering from a severe cold”. For this reason, COVID-19 infection is mistakenly thought of as the common cold, which can cause a rapid spread. Therefore, if you have a severe cold in the form of a cold, headache and sore throat during this period, a COVID-19 test may be useful. You don't necessarily have to experience taste and odor problems.

What is the effect of vaccines on Delta mutation?

The effect of Biontech vaccine against Delta variant has been reported as 90%. In a study conducted in Israel, it was reported to be 70% effective. It has been reported that the effect of Sinovac vaccine on Delta mutation is 2-3 times less, but it can be more effective against Delta mutation when the third dose is administered.

To summarize as a result;

  • Delta mutation is a mutation that occurs in India.
  • The delta mutation manifests itself as a severe cold with symptoms of cold, sore throat and headache. There is no loss of taste and smell.
  • The delta mutation is more contagious, affects the lungs more, and has less effect on COVID-19 drugs.
  • Among the vaccines, Biontech Delta mutation can be effective at least 70%, but up to 90%.
  • Although Sinovac vaccine has less effect on Delta mutation, it is reported that it can provide more protection against Delta virus if the 3rd dose is administered.

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