Buca Fascinated Travelers With Its Unique History

Buca enchanted travelers with its unique history
Buca enchanted travelers with its unique history

The history tour of Bucayiscience, which was organized for the second time by the Municipality of Buca to revive the city tourism, fascinated the travelers. Travelers, who discovered the unique history of Buca, whose beauties were ignored due to unplanned urbanization and traffic, shared their experiences on social media. Buca Mayor Erhan Kılıç, who invited the travelers to the city, said, “Anyone who wants to explore Buca is our guest.”

Social media phenomena, who came to the city at the invitation of Buca Mayor Erhan Kılıç, discovered the historical and natural beauties of Buca for three days.

Within the scope of the project to improve the city tourism by promoting the unique history and cultural values ​​of Buca, 20 leading travel and bloggers, travelers and social media phenomena of Turkey shared their experiences on their social media accounts with the hashtag #Bucayişığı.


Buca enchanted travelers with its unique history

Within the scope of the determined three-day route, travelers first discovered the rural areas of Buca, one of the greenest places in İzmir. Traveling to the city center after the villages, the travelers had an unforgettable tour from the Levantine mansions of Buca to its churches, from its historical parks to its mosques, from the train station to the hippodrome.

On the second day of the tour, social media phenomena came together with Buca Mayor Erhan Kılıç at Göl Restaurant in Buca Pond Facilities. sohbeti did it.


Buca enchanted travelers with its unique history

President Kılıç, who thanked the travelers who came to Buca by not breaking their invitation, said, “Although our Buca is one of the most valuable districts of İzmir with its unique history, nature, culture, lands and cuisine, it has always been mentioned with its problems. We continue our work and projects to promote the identity of the city not only to Turkey but to the whole world. It is you who will introduce it and tell it to our citizens. We are very happy to welcome you. Many people are unaware that Buca has such historical and cultural values. As I said before, everyone who wants to explore Buca is our guest. I invite all travelers, history and culture buffs to discover Buca.”


Buca enchanted travelers with its unique history

The social media phenomena that turned the eyes of thousands of travel enthusiasts across Turkey to Buca, shared their experiences. Traveling writer Bestami Köse, who is in charge of Interrail Turkey, known by the username “plansizgezgin”, said, “Many people had prejudices about this place before I came here. I'm not hiding it, I had a prejudice too. When I came to university, I had no idea about this place. From Kaynaklar, I learned many things that surprised even me, about the nature of all the villages we visited and the lives and ancient history of the Levantines here. I think it is very important for travelers to meet at events like this and talk about their experiences. We broke the prejudices of many people. Here we found many things I expected about the history of Buca and Izmir. This is an incredible place. I've seen those who don't know about lavender groves, campsites in Springs, natural places. In fact, there are people who do not know that these beauties are in Buca, but have lived in Buca for years. Many people don't know. We are planning a camp in the Kaynaklar region in the future. From now on, we will have one foot in Buca.”


Buca enchanted travelers with its unique history

Travel and blogger Sevil Mert, known by the username " Çokokuyançokgezen", said, “This is my first time to Buca. I had a prejudice before. When shared on social media, 'Are you sure you want to go to Buca?' they wrote. But when I come here, I see that those criticisms are not justified. I came across a much more beautiful place than I expected. I am a person who loves to do cultural and nature tours. I saw very beautiful landscapes in the villages, I saw lavender fields. We also did a cultural tour in the city. I think everyone should come and see it. "What I saw surprised me a lot," he said.


Buca enchanted travelers with its unique history

Photographer and traveler Birol Bali, known by the username “balibey”, said, “I am very surprised. I've been to many places in Izmir, but it's my first time in Buca and I'm very surprised. The history of Buca impressed me the most. I have many followers who care about architecture and give importance to history. They are quite surprised that such a place exists. Yes, there are very popular touristic historical places, but after a while we finish these routes. This could definitely be the new location. There are many groups of travelers who do not want sea tourism. We saw churches, mansions, natural areas. I believe that travelers will definitely discover Buca.”

Buca enchanted travelers with its unique history



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