Bahadır Sevinç Achieved the Degree, Even in Difficult Conditions

Bahadir Joy took the rank even in difficult conditions
Bahadir Joy took the rank even in difficult conditions

The second leg of the AVIS 2021 Turkey Climbing Championship was held on the Bursa Şahintepe track by the Bursa Automobile Sports Club, whose short name is BOSSEK, with the contributions of Gemlik Municipality. Despite the technical difficulties he experienced, Bahadır Sevinç achieved a great success in the race.

The races organized by the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) were run as three exits on the 7-kilometer track between Kumla Gendarmerie Station and Şahintepe.

In the races organized with the contributions of Gemlik Municipality, 1 athletes competed, 2 each in Category 6 and 3, 14 in Category 4 and 8 in Category 34.

Bahadır Sevinç, who competed in Category 3 with the sponsorship of "101", a brand of Engine Protective and Maintenance Products, finished the race in 3rd place with his Renault Clio Sport vehicle.

The professional technical team of 101 Engine Protective and Maintenance Products, the new sponsor of Bahadır Sevinç, whose career was full of success, did not leave Sevinç alone until the end of the race.

Making a statement after the race, Sevinç said, "During the race, one of the pistons was not firing and we crashed and blew the transmission, but we still finished the race. With years of experience and the performance of our sponsor company's products, we have accomplished the challenge.”

Serdar Sayılgan, General Manager of 101 Protective and Maintenance Products, said, “3. “Shall I force it on the lap?” he said to me. I said, 'Come safely, the rest is not important'. Because the engine could wrap the bed and not complete the race. If there was another driver, he would have withdrawn from the race with a broken gearbox with a non-functioning piston. Bahadır Sevinç continued with 3 pistons throughout the race. He couldn't even join the training tour. It is a great success that Bahadır Sevinç, who uses our products, leaves this race with honors with his experience gained from his racing past. Once again, we understood that "He is a racer of difficult conditions," he said.

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