An Area of ​​60 Thousand Square Meters Has Been Allocated to DEU Faculty of Sports Sciences in Seferihisar

An area of ​​one thousand square meters was allocated to the Faculty of Sports Sciences in Seferihisar.
An area of ​​one thousand square meters was allocated to the Faculty of Sports Sciences in Seferihisar.

The first step has been taken for the project that Seferihisar has been eagerly waiting for. An area of ​​60 thousand square meters allocated for the Faculty of Sports Sciences, which will turn Seferihisar into a sports base, has been allocated to Dokuz Eylül University.

AK Party Seferihisar District President Ahmet Aydın, who has taken all necessary initiatives for the implementation of Dokuz Eylül University Sports Sciences Faculty in Seferihisar, stated that the AK Party Seferihisar organization will contribute to many more projects in order for Seferihisar to be a leading district in sports. “DEU has decided to move some parts of Seferihisar and Foça to the Tinaztepe Campus in Buca. Together with our initiatives, we took the lead in bringing the departments related to sports sciences to Seferihisar. As soon as the expected approval from the university came, we talked to the university administration and created a list of needs. First of all, we started to search for an area for a large land that he needed. We care a lot about sports. Because investment in sports is an investment in people and it is very valuable for us. We submitted the file, which we prepared by concentrating on a non-registration area very close to the university, to our university rector, Prof. Dr. Nükhet Hotar, who has made great efforts in increasing the presence of DEU in Seferihisar, through the Izmir National Real Estate Office. During our visit to Ankara, we requested the Deputy Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Fatma Varank, to allocate approximately 60 thousand square meters of real estate to Dokuz Eylül University. As a result of all these initiatives and efforts we have made, I have personally received the news from our rector that an area of ​​approximately 60 thousand square meters has been allocated to our university. We are very happy,” he said.


Stating that they are very excited about the Faculty of Sports Sciences in Seferihisar and that they hope that many national athletes will grow up in Seferihisar, Aydın said, “This area, which has been used by the university, has an athletics track, Olympic swimming pool, indoor sports hall, fitness halls, tennis courts, football and sports facilities. Many training and competition areas such as basketball courts, conference hall, physiotherapy center, coaching halls and student dormitories will be built. Our national athletes will be trained in these facilities to be built in Seferihisar. Such a sports complex to Seferihisar kazanWe are very happy that our district will be the Sports Sciences Center of Turkey and its gateway to the world.”


Underlining that with the increase in the capacity of the university, the number of students will also increase, and this will contribute to the district tradesmen, Aydın said: kazanMore students will come to Seferihisar. While the number of students was 450 this year, this figure will increase to 6 hundred next year and at the end of two years, approximately 2 thousand students will have come to Seferihisar. Thanks to the national and international competitions that will take place after these developments, sports tourism will also strengthen in our district, and this will also contribute to our people and tradesmen in Seferihisar.”

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