New Pedestrian Overpass to 9 Points in the Capital

A new pedestrian overpass will be built to the point in the capital
A new pedestrian overpass will be built to the point in the capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has accelerated the construction of pedestrian overpasses so that citizens can cross safely in areas with heavy vehicle traffic. The Department of Urban Aesthetics will provide a new pedestrian overpass to 9 points in the Capital in order to protect the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality carries out works aimed at the safety of pedestrians, as well as the road, intersection and bridge works it carries out all over the Capital in order to ensure safe and uninterrupted driving for drivers.

While the works of 4 pedestrian overpasses, which are under construction by the Department of Urban Aesthetics, have come to an end, the construction of 5 overpasses has begun.


Considering the needs arising from the growth of the city and the increase in population, the Metropolitan Municipality plans to prevent traffic accidents by adding new pedestrian overpasses to the Capital.

There will be 2 elevators in all overpasses, the tender process of which was completed and construction started in January. It is aimed to ensure the transportation safety of cyclists, disabled citizens and pedestrians who will use the overpasses and elevators on the streets where the traffic is fast and dense.

The overpasses, whose construction works have been accelerated by the teams of the Department of Urban Aesthetics and will be completed in a short time, are as follows:

  • Overpass in front of Bağdat Caddesi Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center,
  • Samsun Road overpass in front of ASKİ Water Tank,
  • Konya Road Hacıbaba front overpass,
  • Dumlupınar Boulevard (Eskişehir Road) A pedestrian overpass in front of Kentpark.

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The Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented transportation projects designed to relieve urban traffic, one by one, increases the number of pedestrian overpasses day by day by prioritizing life and driving safety in the Başkent.

The new overpass points, which are planned to be completed in 7, when a total of 24 overpasses will be put into service within the scope of the 9/2021 ongoing works, were determined as follows:

  • Esenboğa Protocol Road Pursaklar pedestrian overpass,
  • Dumlupınar Boulevard (Eskişehir Road) Pedestrian overpass in front of Hayalpark Site,
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard (Istanbul Road) Pedestrian overpass at Hidromek
  • West Boulevard 2026th Street pedestrian overpass,
  • Pedestrian overpass in front of Başak Medical Center on Ayaş Street.

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