290 Nurses Graduated from EU Nursing Faculty Receive Their Diplomas with a Ceremony

Nurse graduated from EU Nursing Faculty received her diplomas with a ceremony
Nurse graduated from EU Nursing Faculty received her diplomas with a ceremony

There was the excitement of graduation at Ege University (EU) Faculty of Nursing. Young soldiers of the health army, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. He received his diplomas at the ceremony attended by Hakan Atılgan.

Ege University (EU) Faculty of Nursing 2020-2021 Academic Year Graduation Ceremony was held in the Campus Ceremony Feast Area. The ceremony was attended by Ege University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Hakan Atılgan, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing Prof. Dr. Ayşegül Dönmez, academics, students and their families.

Speaking at the opening of the ceremony, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Hakan Atılgan said, “I would like to welcome you to my University and our Rector, Prof. Dr. I greet you on behalf of Mr. Necdet Budak. First of all, I would like to congratulate our Rector and wish you success in your professional life. Ege University Faculty of Nursing started its journey with our University in 1955. This date is the start date of undergraduate education of Nursing in Europe and in our country. Our university and faculty of nursing are pioneers in this regard. Another pioneer of our nursing faculty is that it is the first faculty to receive 143-year program accreditation among 5 nursing undergraduate programs in our country. Ege University continues to be a pioneer in Turkey, as stated in its mission. As a matter of fact, our university is experiencing the pride and honor of being the first university to receive 209-year Institutional Full Accreditation among 5 universities in our country, with its education, academics, students and all employees. You are graduating from a university and faculty with both program accreditation and institutional accreditation, whose quality has been registered. We would like to thank all our academic and administrative staff, especially our Faculty Administration, for their efforts for providing this quality education.”

“Young nurses threw caps”

Addressing the young nurses, Prof. Dr. Atılgan said, “Today, with the Covid-19 epidemic, the fact that the nursing profession is a leading profession in the health system has been seen even better all over the world. As Ege University management, we are aware of this value and provide the necessary support for the nursing profession in our Nursing Faculty and Hospital. Our University Rector Prof. Dr. Mr. Necdet Budak has worked with the three goals of being student-oriented, quality in education and being a research university, and he is walking towards his goals with sure and solid steps. We cannot thank you enough for the care your colleagues provided to individuals with health needs during and before the epidemic. I would like to commemorate our Nurses, who we lost in this war, with respect and gratitude once again. Today, on this beautiful happy day, we are graduating 290 brilliant students from our Faculty. I congratulate all our graduates again and wish them success in their careers and in their lives.”

“Ege University is a strong family”

Dean of the Faculty of Nursing Prof. Dr. Ayşegül Dönmez said, “First of all, from 2017, when our graduate students started to study science at our university, until today, despite the global epidemic and social crises in our city, it is the most peaceful University and 5-year Full Program that has enabled our Aegean University to gain great momentum with its strategic decisions and agility. Being the first University to receive accreditation, our Rector Prof. Dr. I would like to thank Necdet Budak and our senior management on behalf of my faculty, students and their families. Together with our 290 students who graduated today, we have a family of 6 graduates. We have 500 students continuing their undergraduate and graduate education. We are a huge family with our Turkish Nurses Association İzmir Branch, which we always work with, and our Ege University Nursing Alumni Association, our Nursing Services Directorate, our retired and working faculty members, our staff, our administrative and support personnel, keeping their past with a lot of effort in our Faculty, and taking our national values ​​as a guide.” said.

Addressing the students, Prof. Dr. Dönmez said, “My colleagues; Today we share your graduation enthusiasm with you. You have completed your 5-year education with your foreign language education. On the first day you meet us, we teach you first the healthy individual, then the diseases and the care and rehabilitation of the individual who suffers due to the disease and their relatives. We are taught to reach. We commemorate our colleagues who lost their lives in this process with mercy. Life has actually taught humanity 'Less is more' with the epidemic. Let's continue to trust ourselves with these teachings. Our biggest capital is to trust ourselves with our deep knowledge and equipment. Our most untouched feeling, the foundation of which is laid in the family, is the feeling of trust. The fact that we bid you farewell to your graduation face-to-face today is an indication that Ege University is a strong family.”

“It is good that we are from Aegean, we are fortunate that we are nurses”

Duygu Tunç, who finished the term with the first place; “We would like to thank our esteemed teachers, who developed, trained, changed us as nurses, and set a role model for us in their own fields. If we are graduating as a nurse today, the architect of this is our valuable teachers. Ege University Faculty of Nursing was my first choice in my university choice. I realize once again how right the decision I made today was. This 5-year educational adventure was challenging, intense, and on top of that, the pandemic process affected our education. However, we can safely say that; It is good that we are from Aegean, we are fortunate that we are nurses”.

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