YOTEL Istanbul Airport Receives Award

Yotel Istanbul Airport received the award
Yotel Istanbul Airport received the award

YOTEL Istanbul Airport was ranked in the top 10 percent of the world's best hotels in the “Travellers' Choice” award, which is determined by the ratings and comments made by the guests every year by Tripadvisor, one of the most prestigious travel sites in the world.

YOTEL Istanbul Airport, which operates within the main terminal of Istanbul Airport with YOTEL on the land side and YOTELAIR on the air side, was awarded the “Travellers' Choice” award given annually by Tripadvisor. YOTEL was among the top 10 percent of the world's best hotels in this year's awards.

Having a unique design approach by combining the concept of first-class luxury airline travel with a functional, modern and high-tech infrastructure, YOTEL has a total of 171 cabins in two separate units, 280 cabins at its landside hotel at Istanbul Airport and 451 cabins at its airside YOTELAIR. It welcomes its guests in rooms and premium and first class suites. Distinguished from traditional hotels with its design and technology, YOTEL offers its guests everything they need with innovative experiences as well as comfort and comfort developed by using these two elements wisely.

Bringing the first-class luxury cabin concept to the accommodation experience by rationally carrying the indispensable elements of luxury hotels into smaller spaces, and designed by focusing on passenger needs, YOTEL offers a sense of value and community in demanding locations with its collaborative work, meeting and sports areas. Premium cabins feature YOTEL's custom adjustable SmartBedTM beds, refreshing rain showers, smart TVs, multiple power and USB points, and easy connectivity.

YOTEL Istanbul Airport, located just opposite the entrance gate number 7 of Istanbul Airport, provides easy access on the land side, just before the security and passport control. YOTEL Istanbul Airport, which has a cabin-like modern, stylish and minimal room concept; YOTEL hosts the Komyuniti Restaurant with its menu consisting of a fusion of traditional Turkish cuisine and international flavors, as well as meeting rooms with a capacity of up to 200 people and a GYM area for those who care about keeping their form, YOTEL creates an alternative in line with the needs that may arise at the airport.

Those who have early or delayed flights may prefer YOTEL Istanbul on the land side, as well as YOTELAIR Istanbul, which is located just a few minutes from the plane departure gates for passengers who are waiting for an international connecting flight or who have checked in beforehand and have checked in and have passed passport control. It welcomes those who want to relax, have a productive sleep or just freshen up. Located close to the shopping spots in the duty free area, YOTELAIR Istanbul offers visitors a safe, fun and comfortable “break” in their travels to spend a day or just a few hours, if desired. Those who need only refreshment instead of accommodation can benefit from only the Lounge area of ​​YOTELAIR Istanbul and the “rain showers” ​​available here. YOTEL and YOTELAIR Istanbul have comfortable, safe and functional solutions for passengers who have to spend a long time at Istanbul Airport due to early flights, delays in connecting flights or unexpected delays in flights.

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