Paragliding Enthusiasts Settled Ordu

paragliding enthusiasts inhabited the army
paragliding enthusiasts inhabited the army

📩 04/01/2023 08:41

Local and foreign paragliding enthusiasts who come to Ordu experience the insatiable pleasure of paragliding by climbing up to Boztepe at an altitude of 530. Standing out among many pistes in Turkey in terms of ease of transportation, Boztepe offers unforgettable moments to paragliding enthusiasts.

Ordu attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists with its historical and cultural texture, vast greenery, natural wonder meanders, large and small waterfalls and springs that contain natural lakes. Ordu, which has increased its tourism potential with the investments made by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, welcomes its guests 12 months of the year.


Paragliding is one of the activities that attract the most attention of domestic and foreign tourists coming to Ordu. Boztepe, located in the city center of Ordu and at an altitude of 7, with a cable car that takes an average of 530 minutes to ascend, offers an insatiable pleasure to those who want to paraglide. Boztepe, which has a great advantage like a cable car in terms of ease of transportation among paragliding areas in various regions of Turkey, continues to attract the attention of paragliding enthusiasts.


In this context, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which has been working on paragliding, which is identified with Ordu, has made important arrangements on the Boztepe runway, where the parachutes take off. After enlarging the area and covering the ground with rubber material, the runway, which became a useful and convenient area, won the appreciation of parachute pilots. While the convenience provided by the arrangements made in the flights increases the number of flights, it allows much more people to enjoy paragliding.

Asım Suyabatmaz, Advisor to the Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, who opened the season at Boztepe paragliding track, said that they are increasing the tourism potential of Ordu day by day. Stating that Ordu is an important address for those who want to do paragliding, Suyabatmaz said, “As Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, we continue to reveal Ordu's strong tourism potentials. With the work we did on the paragliding track in Boztepe, we made this track one of the best tracks in Turkey. It is now much more enjoyable to glide in the skies of Ordu with the convenient runway, where you can easily reach Boztepe by cable car. Ordu is waiting for its visitors with its plateau, sea, paragliding and all other activities not only in summer but also for 12 months.


Soner Karaman, a paragliding pilot who has been interested in paragliding for 18 years and has been performing tandem flights for 5 years, stated that Ordu is a very suitable place for paragliding. Pointing out that the Boztepe runway is very convenient for flights, Karaman said, “It is one of the rare places so close to the city, where you can fly over the city and can be reached by cable car. With the improvements made on our runway by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, the slope of the runway was made suitable for paragliding take-off, while the ground was covered with rubber. This situation both facilitates the flight of our tourists and prevents the materials from being damaged. I can say that there is no runway in Turkey on this ground,” he said.


Authorized Tourism Agency Manager Evren Ersoy, which hosts tandem flights in Boztepe, stated that paragliding has become the same as Ordu. Noting that domestic and foreign tourists showed great interest, Ersoy said, “We fly our guests accompanied by our fully authorized pilots. Paragliding has recently become the mirror of the Army. Domestic and foreign tourists from outside the province come to our region intensively and want to paraglide. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. We would like to thank Mehmet Hilmi Güler for the great support he has shown to this sport and this activity.”

Paragliding creates a visual feast for those who watch as well as those who fly with a parachute. Many local and foreign tourists visiting Boztepe do not neglect to photograph their paragliders.

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