Turkish Cargo Will Serve at Yenişehir Airport

btso and turkish cargo signed an important cooperation
btso and turkish cargo signed an important cooperation

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), which continues its efforts to make Yenişehir Airport an air cargo center, has signed an important cooperation with Turkish Cargo. BTSO's subsidiary Lojistik A.Ş. and Turkish Cargo, the logistics brand of Turkish Airlines, companies from Bursa will be able to carry out their foreign trade operations at Yenişehir Airport with much easier and affordable costs.

BTSO, which has put the Yenişehir Airport air cargo facilities, which have been idle for nearly 20 years, back into the service of the business world in 2019, has signed a very important cooperation that will facilitate the logistics operations of its members. Turkish Cargo, which is among the top 5 air cargo transportation companies in the world, became a part of BTSO Lojistik A.Ş. With this cooperation, customs cargo will be accepted at Yenişehir Airport in the first place. In case the demand is continuous and high, direct flights from Yenişehir will also be carried out.

Details of the cooperation that will provide speed and cost advantages to Bursa companies were shared with IATA authorized air cargo agencies at the meeting held in 1889 Bursa&Double F Restaurant. BTSO Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay said that Bursa, the industrial capital of Turkey, has a foreign trade volume of 26 billion dollars. Stating that the saying 'If Bursa grows, Turkey will grow' has now become a truth rather than a claim, President Burkay said, “Bursa, which has a global player identity with its strong production economy, sector and market diversity, needed to make strategic cooperation with Turkish Cargo, the most important global player of its sector. . The difficult competitive conditions in the world have increased the importance of cooperation. In the current competitive environment, you can only stand out by increasing your productivity with your organizational structure. Logistics is one of the most important issues that will increase efficiency," he said.

Informing that 78 percent of exports in Bursa are realized by road, President Burkay said, “Society and consumption cultures are changing rapidly. Previously, 2-3 collections were prepared annually in the textile sector, but now the shelves are expected to be renewed every 15 days. Again, our automotive companies use the system we call 'just in time'. Air cargo is very important to adapt to the changing consumption culture. That's why we need to activate Yenişehir Airport. The only way for Bursa to remain among the leading cities in the world is to solve the problems in logistics. As BTSO, we are taking a strategic step in cooperation with Turkish Cargo in this direction. With this study, we will get rid of the density of Istanbul in both export and import. This is a huge opportunity for our companies. Today is a historic day for the development of air cargo in our city.” he said.

Noting that they made all the preparations within BTSO Lojistik AŞ, Burkay also asked for support from the agencies participating in the meeting. Addressing the agency representatives, Mayor Burkay said, “You are taking the burden of Bursa and taking it to Istanbul. As BTSO, we will provide whatever you need. When you bring the cargo to Yenişehir, we will do customs clearance and deliver it to Turkish Cargo, which flies to 3 countries within 127 hours. We will do the same for imported cargoes. Our city, not our center. kazanWe aim to cost. That's why we are ready to give any kind of support that falls on us. When we look at the investments and economic development in the region, it is inevitable that Yenişehir will become an air cargo center in 5-10 years. Our problem is to bring it forward. In this regard, your cooperation is very important.” used the phrases.

Products will be sent to 127 airports in 329 countries

Turkish Cargo Marketing President Fatih Cığal said that Bursa has an important place in Turkey's industry and exports, and that the city will be an important service point for Turkish Cargo with its economic capacity. Stating that the proximity between Bursa and Istanbul makes it difficult to provide additional flight operations at Yenişehir Airport, Cığal said, “The distance between Bursa and Istanbul in many metropolises of the world is the distance between the center of the same city and the airport. However, Bursa has sufficient infrastructure, resources and potential to enrich services and flights in the near future. As Turkish Cargo, in the first place, we will pick up the products from Yenişehir with customs duty. We will bring it to our center in Istanbul in cooperation with BTSO. From here, we will ensure the delivery of products to 127 airports in 329 countries of the world. The high demand will allow easy connection to our flights in every time zone. Hopefully, in the continuation of the process, we will bring these studies to a point where we will crown these works with flight operations in Yenişehir.”

Turkish Cargo Sales and Marketing Manager Anıl Fuat Ocak stated that Bursa is the apple of the industry's eye and said, “We have many big customers in Bursa. The products already sent to Istanbul will now be sent directly to Yenişehir and sent with BTSO Lojistik AŞ. We will mobilize this place with the support of our companies. We would like to lift planes in the coming days. If enough cargo arrives, direct flights can start. It's been done before. Hopefully, we will carry forward air cargo in Yenişehir.” he said.

The representatives of the logistics sector attending the meeting also stated that they are ready to give all kinds of support to Yenişehir regarding the increase in demand.

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