Turkish Space Agency was at GLEX 2021

turkey space agency was at glex
turkey space agency was at glex

“Global Space Exploration Conference-GLEX 2021”, organized under the leadership of the International Space and Aviation Federation (IAF) and hosted by the Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS), took place in St. It was held in St. Petersburg.

In GLEX2021, where international companies operating in the field of space technologies, as well as astronauts, scientists and representatives of space agencies come together; It was stated that the program, in which the speeches of the sector representatives and bilateral meetings were held simultaneously with the technical presentations prepared on many subjects such as lunar studies, Mars studies, international relations, space exploration, access to space, mining in space, was carried out efficiently and intensively.

Along with Agency President Serdar H. Yıldırım, Head of Space Systems and Vehicles Department Ali Baygeldi, Foreign Relations Branch Manager Ayhan İncirci and Electrical and Electronics Engineer Selman Demirkesen participated in GLEX 2021.

Agency President Serdar H. Yıldırım and the accompanying delegation had the opportunity to hold very important meetings during the conference, among the information conveyed by the Agency. Separate bilateral meetings were held with IAF President Pascale Ehrenfreund, IAF General Manager Christian Feichtinger, IAF Vice President Dominique Tilmans, Presidents of Space Agencies in Russia, Poland and Norway, and representatives of Japan and India Space Agencies.

Contacts were established with companies from Russia, the United States, France, Italy and England in order to evaluate cooperation opportunities in the objectives of the National Space Program, and important information was obtained from the company stands opened in the fairground.

On the third day of the conference, Serdar H. Yıldırım explained Turkey's National Space Program to the participants. In the presentation, which was broadcast live and followed with interest all over the world, the details of 10 important targets that Turkey aims for the next 10 years were shared.

President Yıldırım made an interview with the New Defense Order Strategy

Mr. In an interview with Reem Mohamed for the Russian-based magazine New Defense Order Strategy, Yıldırım answered questions about the goals of the National Space Program and stated that the goal of a soft landing on the Moon, which was previously announced to take place in 2028, could be achieved at the end of 2028 or at the beginning of 2029. Considering that the studies for the hard landing on the Moon, which is expected to take place in 2023, have not yet been announced to the public, it is quite possible and normal that the soft landing on the Moon will be postponed to a later date.

Another recent development in the interview was Turkey's interest in joining the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS), which was started with the China-Russia partnership. In the roadmap announced for ILRS within the scope of GLEX 2021, it was stated that they are open to international partnerships.

Another innovation in Yıldırım's interview was that the necessary studies for the astronaut who will be sent to the International Space Station and who will carry out experiments will be announced within a maximum of 2 months. In other words, after a maximum of 2 months, the Agency will start the astronaut selection process and after at least 1 year of training, the target will be reached in 2023.

Yıldırım answered the question about the potential to select female astronauts, saying that the person to be selected must have a scientific background, professional experience, good psychological and physical health conditions, gender is not the main criterion in the selection process.

Within the scope of the interview and GLEX 2021, the Agency stated that space should be used as a peaceful and international space and that it will continue to work in this direction.

When ILRS is completed, it is aimed to consist of a space station in lunar orbit, a base on the surface and rovers, and intelligent jumping robots. The roadmap presented at GLEX 2021 begins with an exploration phase to begin in 2021. It is stated that when it comes to 2025, space agencies will choose a place for the Moon base on the surface and astronauts will be sent to the base in the future, when the construction is planned to be completed from 2026 to 2035. However, as stated by the parties, there will be no astronauts to the Moon in the next 10 years.

Once operational, ILRS aims to provide a range of scientific facilities and equipment to study lunar topography, geomorphology, chemistry, geology and internal structure of the Moon, enabling Space and Earth observations from the Moon's surface.

In the statement made by the relevant project officials within the scope of GLEX 2021, they stated that they are in negotiations with international partners including the European Space Agency (ESA), Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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