TOGG User Laboratory Launched in Informatics Valley

domestic automobile user laboratory became operational in informatics valley

The construction of Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group continues at full speed. Finally, the User Laboratory, where TOGG technologies will be examined, tested and experienced, became operational in Informatics Valley.

Work for Turkey's Car has been going on uninterrupted since 27 December 2019, when it was introduced. In the statement made on the Twitter account of Turkey's Automobile Initiative Group (TOGG), it was stated that the User Laboratory, where TOGG technologies will be examined, tested and experienced, has been operating in the Information Valley.

Employment will be provided to 4 thousand 300 people

The construction of the domestic automobile TOGG Gemlik factory, which started last year, is expected to be completed in 18 months. After the construction is completed, thousands of people who will work at the factory will have jobs. So how many people will work in the TOGG factory? The number of people who will work in the construction of the domestic automobile TOGG factory was announced as 2 thousand people. During the operation phase, 2023 thousand 2 people are expected to be employed for 420 and 2032 thousand 4 people until 323.

The First Car Will Get Off the Band in the Last Quarter of 2022

The superstructure works of TOGG Gemlik Facility were carried out by Yapı Merkezi in January.

It was launched in 2021. The facility will be built on an area of ​​1,2 million square meters and when it reaches full capacity, it will have a closed area of ​​230 thousand square meters. The first serial car will come off the band in the last quarter of 2022. At the start of production, locality will be 51 percent.

In 2025, the local rate will reach up to 68 percent. Until 2030, 5 different electric and connected models will be produced on the common platform. Continuing its efforts with the aim of becoming Turkey's brand that produces smart technologies in global competition, TOGG will be the first non-classical born electric SUV manufacturer in Europe as of 2022, when it will start production.

In Which Models Will TOGG Be Produced?

At the domestic automobile factory, where SUV production will be made in the first place, sedan automobile production will begin later. Expectations of citizens who are investigating whether TOGG sedan will be produced are expected to be realized after 2022. So, will TOGG produce hatchbacks or will TOGG produce mini one? Among the announced information, only SUV and Sedan models are included in the production plan of the domestic automobile TOGG. So what are the features of TOGG?

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