There is no 1 meter railway from Samsun to Artvin

there is not even a meter railway from samsun to artvine

CHP Trabzon Deputy Ahmet Kaya said that although the summit of the state and the summit of the State Railways administration consisted of Black Sea people, it was unacceptable that the railway did not come from Samsun to Sarp, which is a 100-year dream.

CHP Trabzon Deputy Ahmet Kaya made striking statements at the upper commission audit meeting regarding the 2017-2018 accounts of the General Directorate of State Railways of the Republic of Turkey and its affiliated companies in the KIT Commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey:

As a deputy of a city or a region that has dreamed of a railway for ninety-seven years, I will not talk about the findings; I will only talk about my city, about my city's railway and train expectation. In 1924, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk came to Trabzon and

there: “Next time I come to Trabzon, it is my greatest dream to see that this place is blessed with railways.” he said, in 1924, that is, about ninety-seven years ago. Years passed, we burned with that dream, and unfortunately, a one-meter railway has not been laid in our region in ninety-seven years. Look, I'm talking about ninety-seven years and a meter of railroad…


What is in between all the way from Samsun to Artvin? After Samsun there is Ordu, after Ordu there is Giresun, after Giresun there is Trabzon, after Trabzon there is Rize, after Rize there is Artvin; None of these provinces has a metro or a railway. Recently

The President came to Samsun, made a speech there and referred to the Tenth Anniversary Speech: “We literally knitted Anatolia with iron nets.” said. Well, now I have counted the Anatolian cities and mentioned that there is not one meter of rail in any of these cities. Those who don't believe can come and look, you already know. It's that clear, that clear.


Of course, we had budget discussions in the Parliament. During the budget negotiations, I took the budget presentation booklet of the Ministry of Transport and looked at it. You especially emphasized 2002 and 2003 in your speech. Look, the map of Turkish railways in 2002, the map of the Ministry of Transport. There is no 1 meter railway in any of these provinces, from the Black Sea Region, the region where I am a deputy, from Samsun to the Sarp Border. There is no 1 meter railway in the region we call the Eastern Black Sea Region, this is the 2002 map.


President Rizeli, you know, always boasts "I'm from the Black Sea." that. The Minister of Transport, Adil, is from Trabzon, my fellow countryman, my colleague, we also graduated from the same university. Our General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ordulu, our fellow countryman, Ali İhsan Uygun. İsmail Hakkı Murtazaoğlu, Deputy Director General of Railways, is again our fellow countryman from Ordu. Again, Deputy General Manager Ömer Özgür Rizeli, our fellow countryman. Either the President is from Black Sea, the Minister of Transport is from Trabzon, the General Director is from Ordu, or if so many Black Sea people have so much power, have the ability to do so much business, if they go to Trabzon, if to Rize, if to Artvin, If a railway will not come to Giresun, or to Ordu, that is to the Eastern Black Sea, it means that it will never come.


All Black Sea, Eastern Black Sea people, nation and people are being deceived. We do not accept this. Please examine what I have said, examine it, make a self-criticism, let's bring this project, the railroad to the Black Sea, together, and we will thank you. This is the right time, I want the promises made to be kept.”

Source: Army Incident

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