Fiskaya Waterfall Started to Flow Again

the fountain waterfall started to flow again
the fountain waterfall started to flow again

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality made the Fiskaya Waterfall, which has an important place in terms of the city's history and tourism, flow again.

Governor Münir Karaloğlu, in his social media meetings, "We will make the waterfall in Fiskaya flow." Following the good news, Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (DİSĶİ) General Directorate completed the works it carried out to restore the waterfall to its old appearance and flow, within the scope of the project.

Due to the fact that Fiskaya Waterfall is located in the protected area, DISKI, which carries out its works with precision, made the water in the 85-ton storage pool at the bottom flow again with an 80 lt/sec recirculating pump.

With the restoration of the 'Fiskaya Waterfall', which is of great importance in terms of culture, history and tourism of the city, by the Metropolitan Municipality, Taş Konak created an integrity with the Hevsel Gardens, the Tigris River and the Nation's Garden, resulting in magnificent views.

Governor Münir Karaloğlu said, “Fiskaya Waterfall is flowing again. We are working day and night to restore every corner and every value of our city to its good old days. Best wishes." He used his expressions.

The observation deck will also be renewed.

The project prepared by the Department of Development and Urbanization regarding the viewing terrace, which is integral with the waterfall, was approved by the Diyarbakir Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board.

The Parks and Gardens Department will renovate the old viewing terrace at the top of the Fiskaya Waterfall within the scope of the project.



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