The Crypto Art Age Is Growing Fast

the crypto art age is growing fast
the crypto art age is growing fast

With the technological innovations brought by our age, having digital products has become widespread among people. Interest in this sector, known as Non-Fungible Token (NFT), is increasing day by day. Since 2017, all attention has been turned to NFTs, with more than $200 million being spent on Non-Fungible Token (NFT), in short, unique digital assets. NFTs, which represent many unique digital assets, from collectors' products to virtual shoes, from virtual game contents to digital properties, are produced using blockchain technology, mostly digitally, with ethereum token standards. Not indifferent to this new industry EGİAD Aegean Young Businessmen Association focused on the sector for the young business world.

In this period when Bitcoin emerged as a digital alternative to traditional currencies, NFTs are now also emerging as a digital counterpart to collectibles. The number of people who see the future in NFTs, which are starting to find buyers at higher prices day by day, cannot be underestimated. In the simplest terms, the digital certificate that turns digital artworks and collectibles into registrable and salable assets is unique in NFT, so the products sold are considered collectibles and their value is very high. The opening speech of the event held on the subject EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board, EGİAD Noting that it is very important to follow innovations and adapt to change, he said, “Today, we are together to discuss NFT, a concept that has been discussed and attracted the attention of the public, especially in recent days.

With the technological innovations brought by our age, having digital products has become widespread among people and more than 3 million dollars have been spent on NFTs in the last 200 years. The fact that all NFTs contain unique information and are easily accessible reveals the advantages of having a product digitally compared to a physical product with collectible value. Also, unlike crypto assets, NFTs are not interchangeable. Through NFTs, which have become very popular recently, especially with the meeting of the art world with blockchain technology, tweets, videos, digital artworks and photographs have become available for sale as NFTs.

The artist, who is mentioned frequently, and Uçman Balaban, who works in motion graphic design, illustration and animation, shared his information about NFT's ascension process. Balaban stated that NFT provided various advantages to the artist both in terms of economy and accessibility by removing the intermediaries between the artist and the collector and replacing the existing system in terms of copyright. unfortunately, as in all areas of life, intermediaries generally obtained most of the value released from this production. Now, in this new form of communication, the artist and the collector can communicate one-on-one. And thus, a more advantageous process is experienced as the intermediaries are withdrawn. For the first time, digital artists have achieved the value they deserve thanks to NFT. It has become a very popular industry.

It was the first time for digital artists to find a market for themselves. There are even people who quit their jobs and are XNUMX percent engaged in NFT,” he said. In the event, where the process of neither a work of art nor a work of art was discussed, the copyright process of the people who bought the NFT videos was also evaluated. Pointing out that NFT is a new world and its rules have just been written, Uçman Balaban also underlined that in the last period, things have been going on a gentleman's agreement. Noting that NFT has a revolutionary side that displaces the normal system, Balaban stated that NFT leaked from this range and rose rapidly due to the lack of auction sales during the pandemic.

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