Super Enduro GP Completed in Kocaeli

super enduro gp completed in Kocaeli
super enduro gp completed in Kocaeli

Hosted by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the first foot race of the Turkish Super Enduro Championship season was held in Kocaeli's Kartepe District. Beautiful images emerged from the breathtaking races.


The protocol did not leave the participants alone in the races, which continued for two days on 5-6 June, hosted by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department and Kartepe Municipality. Especially Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, TMF President Bekir Yunus Uçar, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Yaşar Çakmak, Kartepe Mayor Mustafa Kocaman and many spectators attended the races.


On the first day of the Turkish Super Enduro Championship, Super Enduro GP final races, qualifying laps and 1st stage races were held. On Sunday, the 2nd stage races witnessed a great struggle. While licensed professional athletes and teams affiliated to TMF participated in the event, which was held considering the pandemic rules, the Kartepe track, which was renovated and put into service by the Metropolitan Municipality, received full marks from the participants after the races.


The track, which was formed in accordance with European standards, became the focus of attention of enduro lovers in the races followed with curiosity by motorcycle enthusiasts. The fight of enduro players from all over Turkey with both obstacles and opponents on the extreme track was eye-catching. Turkish Super Enduro Championship Super Enduro GP Final Races; The Super EnduroGP was held in Enduro Prestige (EP), Enduro Master (EU), Enduro Hobby (EH), Enduro Junior (EG), Enduro Veteran (EV) and Enduro Female (EV) classes.


Competitors who beat the rope in the races held on Saturday and Sunday took the podium. Accordingly, Deniz Memnu was the first in the GP Races, Anıl Özşeker was the second and Rafet Karakuş was the third. In the prestige category, Rafet Karakuş came in first, Deniz Memnu came in second, and Murat Yazıcı came in third. Anıl Özşeker came first in the Youth category, which was the scene of great contention, while Tolga Demir came in second and Özgür Bar came in third. Sinan Ordu succeeded to be the first in the master category. Soner Metin came in second and Serkan Karandı came in third. In the veteran category, Savaş Serim came first, while Hüseyin Neziroğlu came in second and Erdem Gülüş came in third. In the Hobby category, which is another category, Aykut Kızıltan took the first place, Ömer Bulduk came in second and Salih Çarşantoprak came in third. All the competitors who ranked in the races were awarded with a commemorative medal and a trophy.

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